Global warming or just cycles

Which do you believe in?

Answer #1

I also believe in cycles. My examples are simple we had the ice age then the melt down. We had the blizzard of’93 and now we are going through a heating process sorry advisor!!!

Answer #2

I don’t know, but prudence says we should take it seriously, as the potential costs are almost immeasurable.

…an insurance policy if you will.

Answer #3

definitely global warming is REAL and is happening. all this pollution goes up into the air and is destroying the ozone layer of the atmosphere which is letting in the suns harmful rays and is melting glaciers and there could eventually be a flood.


Answer #4

Cottoncandy123, I will probably die before things get really bad, but you’re a lot younger than me. Do you want to take a bet on your future?

Answer #5

I believe in the natual cycle. but I do also belive that humans are contributing this time around.

Answer #6

global warming obviously sure the earth goes through cycles…like an ice age, things like that but if people wernt here, most of its problems woudlt occur its because of HUMANS that its wearing out all the polution, tearing down trees, ect these things seem small now but there constantly happening and constant abuse wears down things…even a planet

Answer #7

Global Warming… I have 2 things to say about it. 1) It is a totally natural cycle and humans have nothing to do with it. We are a lot smaller than we think we are, weren’t there ice ages and meltdowns before we ever existed? and 2) It isn’t as bad as the media says. Liberal nutjobs are hyping it, we aren’t going to see the end of the world by global warming for a long time, If I were you I would start worrying about how we are going to get oil, we have one of the largest oil reserves on the planet but the leftist fruitcakes won’t let us drill here, also, be worried about terrorists, WE NEED TO STOP RADICAL ISLAM NOW!!! So next time you put up a post, the last thing you should worry about is Global Warming, I personally am more concerned over what I am going to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

Answer #8

Both There are natural cycles that the earth will go though-warming & cooling- man’s industrialization has effected the natural cycle. Millions of cars on the road polluting the air, trees being cut down releasing carbon, fossil fuel burnings, etc. The ice glaciers melted down to a mere 24/27% last year, 2007. Scientist predict that within the summer of 2014 there will be no longer any ice glaciers, a few years after that the effects may become irreversible. The ice glaciers reflect a huge % of the sun’s rays, without anything to reflect the sun’s heat( the fact that the ocean’s water absorb the heat), the earth will just keep getting hotter & hotter until it may very well burn up unless something is done about it.

Answer #9

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

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  I believe that global warming is simply a cycle the earth goes through on its way back to global cooling and an ice age. Man’s activities may contribute a little but I don’t think they are decisive.

Answer #10

The world is getting hotter. That much is proven. The world has gone through cycles, that much has also been proven.

Whether man is affecting the current cycle or not does not matter. Pollution is stupid, regardless of the problems it causes. Pollution causes problems to be sure. Maybe not global warming, but nobody will argue that it does any good whatsoever.

Answer #11

Cycles are real and do occur. This is the first one that has been influenced by human activity, though, so it’s right to see it as something different. Just because it happened before, naturally, doesn’t give us the excuse to use fossil fuels crazily without caring that they are affecting our own global future.

thex13thxchild and jazlovestoskate have both given very reasonable and accurate answers.

Answer #12

cycles. the above concern seems shady to me.

Answer #13

its probably a bit of a combo but its happening rediculously fast so mostly GW I bet

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Answer #17

Natural Climate Cycle.

Answer #18

Cycles. . The earth naturally goes through heating and cooling cycles. There have been several Ice ages over the planets history.

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