global warming!

I dont see how people dont take global warming seriously!!! poor polar bears floating on icebergs! :( what would people do if THEY were stranded on icebergs??? tell me your opinion about this!

Answer #1

ok so no oggense or anything, but I wasnt really looking 4 big long educational answers! :D

Answer #3

wow lol! I meant to say offense…and ryant1990, very good explination! :D I agree 100% with you! some people just dont care at all! :(

Answer #4

yes that is the problem these days

Answer #5

I honesty don’t know whats the big deal with global warming. The Earth has been freezing and heating up for millions of years. If the planet gets hotter than theres nothing we can do.

Answer #6

the issue honestly is not about the survival of polars bears but the possibility of flooding of low level areas and the oil crisis. savings oil and gas and electivity wherever we can will help solve both these problems at the same time. :D

Answer #7

wow some people are so rude and careless on this website aye..? -_- yah really “lame” til where all dead because theres no more earth right? there only slowly killing themselves, if we dont care of the earth we live on where only slowly killing ourselves…but some people dont see it that way they see it as something to ignore. people dont get that if theres not earth then theres no USSS! [that kinda didnt make sense but whatever you no what I mean xD] I no this question is about polar bears but I just thought id bring up the fact of how much where polluting our world when all we haveta do is ATLEAST recycle to make a difference.

Answer #8

although funnymoney87 has made some very important points, co2 and water vapor are not the most dominante gasses in our atmosphere. nitrogen makes up over 3/4 of our atmosphere and oxygen makes up about 21%. the remainder are traces of various gases including water vapor and c02 (which are greenhouse gases). although the quanity of c02 in the atmosphere is very minute, it still are on a severe rise

Answer #9

Id swim :) I dont care about any of that sh!t haha. am pretty selfish honestly. im not gunna change my life style to help global warming -_- how lame haha

Answer #10

the fact is the earth has been cooling for the pass 11 years, 1998. the thing that pisses me of is all the people who think that humans cause it >.< who thinks that we are so powerful that we can change the earths climate. also all this crap on Co2 come on, Co2 counts for 4% of green house gasses the biggest greenhouse gases being water vapor…bloody steam. all the people who think we are killing the planet are morons.

and for the ice melting, it has been melting from the last ice age and if you didnt know that was very cold, now the temperature is going back to normal everyone is crapping their pants

Answer #11

Listen ill be frank, the lot of you that are so stuck up and cant see what is happening to our planet are selfish an stupid

it has been scentifically proven that earth is in serious jepordy and many people dont know but half the worlds landmass may be under the sea by 2060 so all of you who say you dont care just think of your children and the intense hardship they will have to endure. if you all would be happy for your children to die of starvation or drought then keep emiiting CO2 but if you even give a tosss about your children then youll see sense

Answer #12

global warming I happening. If your actually as stupid an unschooled in the subject like pyralis, you might miss the fact since the industrial revolution we have doubled the Co2 in our atmosphere. The fact that water vapor is a dominate gas in our atmosphere probably only masks the severe nature of the problem by reflecting thermal radiation back into space. Our ice caps are melting at rates we couldn’t have predicted (and didn’t) there is no climate change debate. The only people suggesting that there is are paid to do so by the largest economies on earth, energy companies and their related industry. Comments like, “who thinks we are so powerful that we can change earths climate” are totally uneducated and baseless. We have changed climate. We are killing the worlds species. We are reaching earths sustainable limits, earths carrying capacity will be exceeded in my lifetime. Even with small things like Cloud Seeding, countour trails and poor farming practices we have changed the climates of nations stratigically. As pyralis states, yes ice has been melting since the last ice age, by definition, but never since pangaea broke apart has such an ever decreasing amount of ice been on the earth. Sorry for the rant, I have a masters degree from a top 5 university in the world on the subject so I get passionate… and im also a little under the influence which adds to my motivation.

Answer #13

What happens happens and all we can do is try our best to slow it down. It is very unfortunate but I dont know if there is much we can do at this point. :(

I hope the penguins will be oky. XP …all the other polar animals too.

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