Global Warming.

What is your opinion about it? What do you think we should do in order to save our planet. We are recycyling, being efficient with appliances, saving energy. But what else can we do??? Any thoughts?

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  Global warming?

My problem isn’t with the reality that the earth’s climate may be warming. My problem is with those who simply blame man and are preaching gloom and doom in ‘the sky is falling’ tradition.

‘Considered collectively, there is clear and convincing evidence of a 1,500-year climate cycle. And if the current warming trend is part of an entirely natural cycle, as Singer and Avery conclude, then actions to prevent further warming would be futile, could impose substantial costs upon the global economy and lessen the ability of the world’s peoples to adapt to the impacts of climate change.’

Source: S. Fred Singer and Dennis T. Avery, ‘The Physical Evidence of Earth’s Unstoppable 1,500-Year Climate Cycle,’ National Center for Policy Analysis, Policy Report No. 279, September 29, 2005

Answer #2

I think everybody should work together and try to keep our planet clean. We need to stop doin bad things like throwin our garbage any where we want. This is not a joking matter. Our planet is in danger because we are not taking care of it

Answer #3

The simplest solution would be high carbon fuel taxes. This would cause other forms of energy production to proliferate.

Answer #4

nah I dont agree with all this global warming crap, its just a tactic for the government to get money out of people. they can pay loads to scientists,etc…to try and prove things, but really it comes down to cycle the Earth goes through.

Answer #5

I think it is only cycles the Earth goes through!!

Answer #6

I think there are two sides to the answer. One is at national/international level, as Toadaly implies - some issues are so big that only legislation or industrial level action will deal with them. I’m OK with his suggestion of high carbon fuel taxes, so long as there are also incentives to develop efficient alternatives.

The other side is about what we all do at home. Apparently 60% of the emissions which cause Global Warming are caused by our personal lifestyles, not by big business. So what you say, about thinking through everything you do in your own life, and how it uses energy or other resources, makes a huge difference.

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Answer #7

there are so many things that could be done in my opinion theres 2 things that waste more water than they should the wine industry and the clothing industry to make wine and clothes takes up billion of litres of water, so they could definantly slow down alos EVERYONE needs to chip in this isnt something that will go away, but if everyone does there part the problem probably wouldnt occur …however, a lot of people are greedy and selfish and I really dont think everyone is going to do something pro-active about it

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