Is it ok for girls to play video games?

Yooo I play xbox360 like almost every day. I also play on xbox live it gets addicting after a while but I have concerns and problems. The people who I play with tell me I shouldnt be playing xbox just cuzz ima girl is that right??? I dont think so I think im alowed to play!! I dont see any rules on no gurlz playin xbox360 >:(

Answer #1

I think little boys are just scared because they don’t want to get their butt whooped by a girl :P

Besides that, yeah, your friend sounds like a meanie! Girls can play video games, you’d actually be surprised at how many gamer girls their are. Heck, I constantly see that gamerchix clan on Xbox360 dashboard like all the time. I think they’re gamerchix…Unless it’s like GamerGirlz Or something like that, I don’t recall.

Anyway, Play and do what you want! I’m a girl, and I play Resident Evil, Dragon Age, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill, WoW, Pretty much any game I can get my hands on, and I would not change that for the world! Guys need to grow up, and face the fact that when video games were invented, there was no law that said women/girls/ladies could not play one. Tell your friend to go against you in a game, and if you win, he needs to never say that ever again :P…Make sure to win though! -chuckles-

Answer #2

lol same here I love vid games I can play like forever lol I once played 6 hours withouts stoping I mostly play left4dead and now the second 1 is out so its like damn my xbox is gunna burn out lol :)

Answer #3

I love video games!! they are so fun… but you know there is loads of other stuff 2 do, but if your like me on a borein rainy day, I go up stairs, take a snack and platy 4 a couple hours… they are addicting!!! I am very competitive when it comes to video games and 1 time I was playing kindom heatrs, and I was trying 2 beat this gargol thing… I PLAYED 5 STRAIGT HOURS!! JUST DOING THAT!!! but its ok!! :} do what you like 2!!!

Answer #4

lol I know my fav vid games are Call of duty5 gears of war 2, Left 4 dead and halo

Answer #5

Yes wtf?? people are soo sterotype these days..

Answer #6

I dont see why people find it weird that girls play video games, I myself am not too into them, but I can get down on nazi zombied for call of duty.

Answer #7

I love 2 play video games…I mostly like to play all of the war games 2 like COD and Medal of Honor…Why would it matter? :)

Answer #8

sure…girls can play vid games like boys) I play video games too…and it’s funny I think=) you should do everythin you like!!! good luck;)

Answer #9

lol thanx very much and acualy yes I do do things other then video games lol and If I do think about it my friends are sexist :’(

Answer #10

My girlfriend plays video games all the time. No, there is nothing wrong with it. Like ichi said, as long as you are filling your life with other things to excite your mind, it’s fine. Your friends sound pretty sexist to me.

Answer #11

yes of course you can play games…

I dont play consoles and never intend 2

we have female gamers in the clan im in

but we are pc ;)

Answer #12

Girls can play any game that boys can play…just make sure it’s not taking up most of your time - there are far better things to enjoy in life.

Answer #13

Its fine to play video games. Nothing wrong with it. If you want to then dammit do so.

Answer #14

thanxx lol

Answer #15

yea I always play videogames

Answer #16

To paraphrase Nancy Reagan: ‘Just say no way!!!’

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