Girl that plays xbox live??

Is it weird for girls to play halo 3 on xbox live??

Answer #1

:O very offended! why can’t girls play xbox live? I don’t, because it doesn’t interest me, but girls can do anything. just like guys… I skateboard, too, just because I don’t have a d*ck doesn’t mean I can’t do certain things.

Answer #2

and a girl that play xbox live makes them really kool and is more likey to be more fun to be around.

Answer #3

im a girl annd I play xbox constantly I play it more that my BOY cousin

Answer #4

No girls can do anything boys do it doesnt really matter…

Answer #5

No, not really. Guys always think that games are practically made for them.

Answer #6

I play Xbox Live all the time halo FLIPPEN ROCKS!!! (I skate too!<3<3)

Answer #7

Yooo…don’t insult us girls ok…I skate…tho folkss dont like it… and I play tooo much xbox back home…dude …be careful…girls do tend to click on this section of the site too yu know…and no…its actually quite cool to play games…I love them…big time…

And yh…im dammm good at it…so watch out…lol…what a random wuestion…what made yu think of it…?

Answer #8

No its not weird its acually pretty sick :) theres nothing wrong with it girls can do whatever girls can ill add you wuts your gamertag :) :P

if you dont mind

Answer #9

YEAH THEY CAN!! I play all the time out of all the Halos I would say to me the first one is best but I actually prefer call of duty way more especially sneaking up on someone and chainsawing them its awesome video games arent just meant for guys There are even women out there in the world that create the video games your talking about

Answer #10

It’s perfectly fine ^^ I’m a female and I play COD4 and Halo 3 all the time when my brother lets me borrow the game xD

Answer #11

Hell yeah, well I used to but I don’t have enough money to pay for it anymore, but I’m always beating my boyfriend and my guy mates at it by loads ha ha.

Answer #12

jeez I dont really care what gender people are I just like making friends and haveing fun in the process so to all guys out there quit being dicks and show some respect

Answer #13

Nah, not at all. Girls can do boyish things too. Video games aren’t exactly ‘designed’ for a specific sex and that gender only. There are girls who don’t like video games, and some that do. I’ve met a few over Halo 3. I think girls that actually enjoy video games can be a turn-on sometimes.

Answer #14

Hell if a girl can play xbox she is the coolest girl ever. Its not that guys find it wierd its just hard to find girls that do that. To tell you the truthi alwasy like playing more online with my ex then with just a bunch of dudes. Its not wierd it makes you cooler.

Answer #15

omg I’m forced to play halo on it and man it was not fun. im very old school and don’t like any of the new game systems.

im still in love with the 90s where everyone played super nintendos and nintendo.

Answer #16

my girlfriend plays game with me all the time, has her own xbox live tag, and she plays gears of war with me, soo I dont see it as wierd, more of a big turn on, lol.

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