Mom won't let my girlfriend come over

My girlfriend wants to come over to my house one day after school..
And I asked my mom and she said she doesn't want any girls to come over.
And I really want her to come over, and she tells me she doesn't want us to have sex or whatever, but shes only going to be here for 10 minutes then leave. Maybe make out a little bit or whatever.

How can I convince my mom to let her come over?

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Start having her over when your folks are home and then they will buiild a rapor with her. Then they can start giving you the trust to let her come over when they are not hom. I dont get it really I would rather have my kid making out in there room at home instead of on the street. Maybe thats just me?

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have your mom home while she comes over.. just say it's only for a little bit.. and you could just sit in the living room or where ever she wants you two and she can check up on you two..

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Just tell your mom that nothing going to happen. And that she should trust u. Tell her your responsable and she needs to give you some space.

If that does work just have your girlfriend meet you at a different place or somthing.
good luck

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Convince your mom to invite her for dinner, or like lemonade (or some sort of afternoon drink) just so she can meet her. Maybe if she likes her, she'll let you spend time with her?

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