Why did funadvice copy another Q&A site about the points thing?

Answer #1

They didnt :)

Answer #2

yes they did, if you want prove ill give you the link

Answer #3


Answer #4

go to blurtit.com they had the points going on before funadvice, no doubt.

Answer #5

Funadvice was started March 2003, Blurit was launched in June 2006. Funadvice has been around way longer.

Answer #6

you must not be around funadvice that long huh, they just started this whole points thing not so long ago, not even 5months. did you not see questions about the new funadvice

Answer #7

haha ive been on Funadvice for 3+ YEARS sweetheart, Funadvice didnt copy anyone, they took ideas from the MEMBERS & what THEY wanted to see on the new site, obviously you haven’t been around that long huh ? :]

Answer #8

how do you know if the MEMBERS or THEY did not take a look at other sites to get ideas? if your a funadvice pro like you said you are then you can agree that funadvice did not start the points as it was created in 2003? if you say yes then you’ll just be lying to yourself and everyone else knows it. i just want the answer to that question then ill be done with you, stop trying to defend an online site and go out. 3 years comeon girl.

Answer #9

lmao. you MUST not know who your talking to :) i do nothing but go out. thats not the point, Funadvice didnt copy anyone, its an ORIGINAL website, and the members love it. If you dont like it, feel free the press the X on the corner of your page :]

Answer #10

just answer this. did funadvice start the points as it started the website itself? oh wait i already know the answer its a no thanks hun im going to go out with my bf now =]

Answer #11

As far as I know they didn’t copy, there was a poll asking members for opinions on how to improve the site. And let us say they did copy. So what? Myspace is a copied version of facebook, most forums on the internet copied each other or use the same template. Big deal. As long as members like it, good for them.

Answer #12

alright sweetie, have fun ;)

Answer #13

I’m sure that members suggested things they’ve found along the way that makes a site interesting. FA maybe similar to other sites, in some ways….but it’s unique in it’s own way.

Answer #14

I recall the exact suggestion where the point system was requested (by a user - not staff)…a lot of the users voted for it. It wasn’t copied…the users asked for it and the owners complied.

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