Fun things to do with a best friend

What are some stuff that is fun to do with your best friend
With out money Idc at home any fun ideas we could do or an activity out side of he home that doesnt cost money ?

Answer #1

swap things with your friends. Tell secrets, play truth or dare, play ding dong ditch, prank call, go for a nice long walk, make up a handjive, write a song, annoy your sibling, experiment with makeup, play a sport outside, create a secret recipe, watch a tv show and repeat everything they say in a funny accent, call your school on a weekend and ask why the bus didn’t pick you up, go to your neighbors and just sit on there front porch until they ask why your there? Hope this helped!

Answer #2

well one of my BBBEEESSSTTTEEESSSTTT friends ever is a guy, so we have water balloon fights, prank call like, everyone. go hiking, we also like to travel with eachothers familys, like I went to Hawaii with him, he went to Australia with me ( if your parents let you ) uuuhhh we ride four wheelers, we ride our horses,( we save up half of the cost of something that we want and buy it together, like the horses, named Wendy and Trashy AWWW ) we have random partys when we save up enough money for them, and to do that, we have car washes, we have the classic lemonade stands, and we also do chores around the house ( even though we usually screw them up lol ) and we just have fun I guess lol. (

Answer #3

Well… Me and MY Best Friend do anything that comes to mind (that is appropriate LMAO) well we go eat places XD and we roll down hills! really steep ones, but I go further than she does, probably cause she’s lighter.. we also went to the park and embarassed the hell outta ourselves on the roundabout LOL it was really fast.. honest. anyway I do loads with my best friend when she wants to see me that is XD LOL

Answer #4

Go Roll Down Some Hills. LOL

Answer #5

Play dress up. haha take pictures watch tv do eachothers hair just walk around town, its healthy

Answer #6

1.not enough friends??? invite more 2.DO NOT GO TO THE MALL they are over rated!!! Harry Potter (he is bloody wicked)! random people around the neighborhood with a blow dryer 5.Make a list of “Fun things to do with a best friend”

Answer #7

have a sleepver and play some board games if you have them or just go walk around the mall

Answer #8

Well my best friend and I were thinking and we thought that it would be fun to… -paint our nails -watch movies -eat popcorn:) -bake a cake -go for a walk around the neighbourhood(or a little further;) -play ding dong ditch at our crush’s house hehe -get our moms to drop us off at the mall and just walk around and check our cute butts. Hahah. Yeah. That’s what we came up with. Maybe you and your BFF like to be a bit more adventurous and go hiking and stuff. It doesn’t cost money.

Answer #9

Me and my bestfriend like to do these things together:

truth or dare run around outside crazy tell ghost stories go on youtube and watch scary or funni vids hide and seek outide in the dark while wearing a scary mask ( for Halloween ) sing star ( the game that you can sing to ) card games board games watch movies do some magic tricks ( if you know any ) color make glow sticks make overs and do each other’s hair play bloody Mary play with a luegy board or however you spell it.. flash light tag play video games wrestle prank call make each other laugh kind of games spin the bottle swimming make up a game just talk about stuff or boys have a sleepover build forts in the woods climb trees go shopping eat candy and drink energy drinks to get super hyper lmao

I hope this was useful for ya! Have fun! -Liz.

Answer #10

Well in my bff ab I do stuff like

~go to the pool an laugh at dumb girls trying to impress guys

~go up to random people an say smile of you love me.

~say some-thing stupid on twitter

~watch movies

~read magazines

~go to town

~look for some-thing to do in books

~mix drinks together

~say some-thing random

~ring up people

~go on webcam with mature people (if your imature)

Answer #11

Watch a movie. Go to the mall. Prank call. Chill out. Watch Tv. Make out with a Hot guy. Have a party. Blind folded make up. Play truth or dare. Play would you rather.? Go ding dong ditch. Go to a random persons house and act like a monkey in front of them. Call your crush and tell them you like them.

Hope this answer was helpful.!!! !-) 8-) :-) :-0 xoxo Holly

Answer #12

Well, me and my BFF Emily like to go swimming in my pool, sometimes at her house we make lip gloss (so fun) or we made rock candy one time.

She has all this craft stuff so we just sit down and make something crazy!

We like nail polish, and sometimes, we make fake body piercings with glitter glue (tricks my bro haha so funny)

When we have a sleepover at her house, she has these like, foam things that you can use to build giant things and we make a giant fort and then we sleep in it for the whole night!

We usually ride scooters back and forth between houses and just talk about random stuff.

The fun thing is, my BFF lives right down the street from me! Sometimes, we just sit in my bedroom and watch TV.

Hope these ideas helped, because my BFF and I do this ALL the time. when its hot out and we are boiling, we have water gun fights with her bro, my bro, and two kids who live across the street, a couple houses away!

Answer #13

alright, lets try something NEW people! yay! walking around the mall is NOT that fun every freaking day. so be creative!

  • go down a really steep hill in a wagon or two skateboards and a ab cruncher. be prepared to wipe out.

  • glue a dollar bill to a mall floor and watch all the people to pick it up.

  • learn to type… with your tounge.

  • go naked in a hot tub.

  • climb on your roof and dance.

  • throw string cheese at random people.

  • write all on the street with sidewalk chalk.

  • go on the side of the road in a nun outfit with a sign that says “honk if your horny”

  • jump a fence into a pool and go swimming

  • go streaking

  • build a jump for a moped… and jump it

  • make a human tricycle (in other words the same as the first one)

  • throw a pair of tennis shoes onto a telephone wire

  • learn how to pole dance

  • run from the cops

  • hitch hike

  • borrow a stop sign

  • jump off a bridge… safely

  • stand on the side of the road with a sign that says “need $$ 4 weed”

  • talk your way out of a parking ticket

  • steal a golf cart

  • avoid legal troubles

  • write an inspiring message on the bathroom stall

  • get kicked out of class

  • throw a party

  • cram ten people in a five person car

  • set off a fire alarm

  • go up to random people and dance on them

  • randomly break out in song and dance in a cafeteria

  • in an elavator, stand silent and facing a wall without getting off

  • go up and hug someone then cry because its the first time youve been touched

  • blow up a pumpkin

  • take gummy bears and place them all around your house in unusual places

  • look into a random persons eyes for 10 seconds then walk away

  • become best friends with a waiter, preferably named adam.

Answer #14

lets see. you could possibly go swimming. you could, if you live on the water, go jetskiing. you could umm. experiement with nail polish, mix colors and see what you come up with:) you could go on youtube and watch hilarious videos. you could prank call people using the celebrity voices off the internet. and there is much more. alright. later:) <3

Answer #15

Well my friend and I like to do many things like just chillin. it’s not really hard but we pull it off lol! um.. go bowling, laser tagging, go see a movie, just walk around together like at night and star gaze. if you live in the country have a freakin awesome bonfire!!! :) text them and or call/email. do random things together and have fun that what friends are suppose to do! AM I RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! POST ME your response hope this helps all you guys and gals wanting to do something with your friends!! :) LN THE AWESOME!!

Answer #16


you can always go shopping, call your best friends boyfriends look online for stupid fun things to do (we did it, it worked!!) listen to music pretend you are magical fairy princess ballerinias (you know what I mean) burn pizza make fun of people behind their backs (I know its mean… but you know its fun!!) I LOVE YOU!!! -MOLLY AND RYLEE

Answer #17

Window-shopping, go to a library, go to a park or a nature walk, (on a clear night) star-gazing, drawing your own cartoon characters, card-making (if you have the supplies), swap things with your friends (eg. books, films, games, clothes, etc.), have an eating contest (if you plan ahead with a couple of cheap packets of crackers for example), play “find the thimble” (it doesn’t have to be a thimble, just something small), karaoke contest, cooking (with things you already have in your house), console games (if you have one), make up stories/poems/songs, play practical jokes (none that are harmful though), make up questionnaires with your friends and swap them round.

Answer #18

Me and mine go on trampoline 2. Or: Play with games you have. Competitions. Listen to cds. Anything! OR YOU COULD PLAY A PRANK ON SOMEONE! I have a good one but you need lots of cling film. Here it is: Make sure nobodys looking like if their all in the room your doing would be great. Get the cling film and work together to stick it from both sides of the door. If it dosent stick use sellotape. Then when the person comes threw the door they will get wraped in cling film! Wow I wrote A load! BYE!

Answer #19

you could hang out with him or her at the house make funny jokes, watch t.v. ,laugh and cut up anything do whatever you do

Answer #20

Well, basically, my and my bestie Jessica, we have like the time of our lives when we’re together!! We chat, read mags, prank call people, makeovers, lipgloss making, playing on the ps3, and just talk about RaNdOmz really! In about 5 months, we are going to go seperate ways as we are going to different secondary/high schools :( but we are sooo close so we are going to be together like shopping 24/7!! So if anyone is like me, they would know what its like to go different ways with your friends but you can just meet up and stuff. so urmm yeaahhh! hope this helped you;-) thanksss;D parmis<3

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