Fun games to play at a teenage party

Im thinking that I want to have a small get to gether with some of my friends; but the only thing is all of my friends are super rich and have huge houses and I just have a plain house. ( but I like it and am greatful 4 it) but to make up 4 it what are some really fun things to do other than truth or dare. Please help! I really want to have an entertaining party. If you want if you recently had a paty you can walk me thru the steps of the things that you did; or wud do. Thanks!!!

Answer #1

foood!!! lots of food is always nice. make sure you have plenty of beverages. it’s warm out and people get way thirsty. you’re a teen, you don’t need to play truth or dare. My 10 year old plays that. Hide and seek in the dark is fun for all ages. especially if there are lots of people. Or sardines. Thats a fun one too.

Answer #2

play suck and blow its not a slutty game like it spunds you take a card or a piece of paper and hold it to your mouth suck so that it doesnt go in but doesnt fall out and passs it around whoever drops it has to kiss the person that they were giving it to its fun :)

Answer #3

7 minutes in heaven, or spin the bottle. they’re always fun.

or just play guitar hero & watch movies or something. make sure to have foood, pizza- sodas- junkk food. you know,


Answer #4

you should have food, there is spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven, play strip *, 2nd blow..etc

Answer #5

I have girls night parties at my house every once in a while! Sometimes we all bring our favorite scary movie and eat a ton of junk food, turn all the lights off and scare the heck out of one another. Sometimes we use old prom/wedding dresses that family members donated and dress up and act like fools dancing to 1950’s music LOL - Sometimes we play games like you have a big pile of make up and you all sit in a circle around it, with NO mirrors and see who can do their make up the best in 2 minutes. Also if you have a bonfire pit you can do that and set up tents in the back yard like a camp out! I hope that I helped you some! Some of this may sound silly, but it makes for good times, great pictures, and memorys that will last forever!

Answer #6

dont do anything disgusting. tuth or dare, spin the bottle, nothing with sex or stripping its gross im a teen I went to one of those partys and everyone left right away!

Answer #7

Food= keep it sweet and simple, chips, pizza, pop (soda, cola, fizzy juice whateva), ice cream, and candy.

games= anything for your age group and up. don’t exclude truth or dare. if you’re worried about something, set limitations at the beginning of the game.

activities= GIRLS-gossip

               GUYS -have fun
               BOTH -everythang!

Hope this helped.

P.S. What’s wrong w/ truth or dare?

Answer #8

play truth or dare and dare a guy to eat you out. its great

Answer #9


Answer #10

I’m a teen like you, and every year, its kinda tradition that my party is in my tent in the garden! Its the funniest thing ever! We play loads of games like…

Blind mans bluff(in the dark!) - 1 person weras a blindfold and has to grap someone, all the others run around and try not to get caught!

Say there were 10 people at the party… get 10 coke cans and shake 3 or more… everyone picks one and opens them together… some peeps are sure to get sticky!!

The card game - suck and blow like said before!

Take in turns listening to songs through earphones, and you have to sing the songs… but only the person singing can hear the music! Trust me… they wont be very good!!!

Bobbing apples is always a laugh - Bucket of water… and apples in it.. try and get the apples using only tour mouth! I have a trampoline and thats always fun to go on!

And sometimes… the best parties are just the ones were you just talk to ya friends and spill ya secrets, ya crushes, and other things!

Hope that helps!… tell us what you did!

Answer #11

I hope this helped…chicken pot pies aree only likee 50 cents so you can use those for food…or you could just rent a place! Like, the mall! Or the movie theatre! For New Moon! Ah!!!

Answer #12

ughh. thanx soo much; and keep them coming!! lol

Answer #13

you could play truth or dare where you get to get to say something very secret if you chose truth and get to do adare for example kissing the most weirdest boy around if you go for dare

Answer #14

well first off I woundnt listen to any of the following: dare a guy to eat you out, strip sex, anything with blow or suck , etc all those things are disgusting and way to heavy for just a fun little party especially when your a teen and you want to have a girls night

with that said you could play games like, hilarium (its an extremely funny board game, the more people the better), taboo ( also a fun game ), watch movies, eat, build a fire in your back yard and make smoores and roast whatever foods you all like tell ghost stories around it and sleep in a tent

these are just some ideas, hope they help!

Answer #15

LOL, suck and blow is not disgusting…it’s funny and not really rude at all. Different people like different things, so do whatever from that lot of suggestions that you and your friends feel comfortable with (except the eating out one, jackass). My first teenage party (which was some years ago lol) was good, we had loads of food, played truth or dare, suck and blow and twister! lol we also wrote dares and questions on paper, folded them and put them in a box then people had to take it in turns to pick one and do whatever it said (I prefer that to truth or dare because you don’t have to think of questions or dares on the spot).

Have fun whatever you decide to do :)

Answer #16

in this game there should be three or 4 people. you all have one penny. when you flip the penny, if one person has heads and the others have tails, or vice versa, that person has to take a peice of clothing off. you keep doing that until someone has taken all their clothes off. then they have to do some crazy dare while naked. then everyone puts their clothes back on and you start the game over again.

Answer #17

Ummm we played spin the bottle once, when it lands on you , you have to have a shot of vodka then do a dare someone else just dared you to like…like errm I dno ..if someone told me 2 kiss another person and it landed on me I wud take a shot of vodka and kiss whoeva they said…Depends how old you are though and if youre drinking or not. By the way if they are your real friends you wont have to impress them with fancy things or dead big houses!! They will appreciate you for who you are not what your possesions are like!!! Have fun!!!

Answer #18

there’s a board game called “encore.” best game I’ve ever played. you don’t have to use the board either, which keeps it more fun for groups. divide into 2 teams, then you pick a card, roll a dice, and pick the word according to the color you rolled. lets say the word is “time.” you have to sing a song with the word “time” in it. (at least 7 words of the song.) then the other team has to sing a song with “time” in it. back and forth until a team can’t come up with a song. you’ve got 30 seconds per turn. doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, this game’s a blast. best of luck…live the dream.

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