"from dust you were made, dust you will return"?

In the bible, what does that mean? A few days ago in the opinion section of our local paper some guy said that when we die, there is no heaven and there is no hell. he said we go into some kinda underworld and fade away.
he took some scriptures from the bible...like the one I put in the title of this question. im not sure if I quoted it right but its something like that...
like...since we were made from dust, we will return to dust. (if I didnt quote it right feel free to correct me)

so I was thinking...I really dont believe what that man said. im positive we either go to heaven. or hell. and I was wondering what some of you awesome folks out there thought about this whole thing...

So firstly...what does that scripture mean? exactly? and what do you think about what that man said? do you believe him?

thanks guys!

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Nobody knows what happens after death.

As for religious beliefs, people don't even agree on what exactly heaven and hell are, let alone who is supposed to go there.

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I think it means we come from nothing, like what are we before we are born? nothing, so after we die, we go back to that same state of nothingness, well thats how I percieve it

I dont believe that at all though, we have to continue in some way, I refuse to believe this short life is all we have.

Our bodies are made of dirt

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First of all don't beleive some negative idiot that does not beleive, because they are mentally programmed to disbeleive, they are out to program you to their way of thinking, don't ever let someone reprogram you, not even me, I beleive in God with my whole being, he is everything to me, we are energy here in a borrowed body, when we are finished here on the earth plane experience( we call life) we go back to God, yes our bodies turn to dust particles, what do we care! we either don;t want them ,or we can't take them with us, we are all spiritual beings having a phsical experience, we are not our bodies, we are souls, here in the school of life, only beleive what you resonate with, in otherwards if it feels good to you than go with it, what ever your heart tells you.

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I don't agree with this man. What everyone else is saying here has one common thread - our bodies go to the earth (or into ashes) when we die. That's what the Bible verse is about. It's true that people quote isolated Bible verses to sound convincing, but unless their interpretation of the verse ties into the whole message of scripture, then they are quoting out of context and you can ignore them. The message of scripture, in this case, is that the soul lives on. That idea has been understood in different ways in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, but if you look at Jesus' words you'll see that your belief in Heaven and Hell is more biblical than this man's ideas.

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Unbelief is the order of the day. With every thing false, there is enough truth in it, to hook you. If not, you would not pay any attention at all. So, in order for someone to try to establish an untruth, there will always be an element of truth in it. This man quoted the bible, to give credence to his untruth, and it had the effect of planting doubt. That is one of Satans main weapons against Gods truths.

The bible does say that we came from dust, in Gen. 2:7 , man was formed from the dust of the ground. And if you doubt that, find a chemical analysis of what the human body is made from, you will see that the same elements that are found in the ground, are also found in the body, and if any of these elements get out of balance, things don't work right, either in the body or in the ground. When God formed both, he made them complete to work properly, however, over time, both need to be renewed, with vitamins, minerals, and supplements for the body, and fertilizer for the ground.

The bible also says that the time alloted to man is now about 70 years, and it also says that once we die, our bodies go back to the ground from which we came. The part of us that lives forever, is our spirits. We are composed of spirit, soul and body.
Three parts, in one, just like our creator. The Triune God.

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I remember doing a speech once on Adam and Eve (school assignment), and it talked about Adam, the first man, had his form created from dust, and breathed life into him. He then went on to create Eve much the same way, only he took one of Adam's ribs while he was sleeping, and used it in Eve.

The term "from dust you were made, dust you will return" is more referring to what happens to our bodies. You may recall the line from many funerals on television "And now we commit his/her body to the ground, ashes to ashes, dust to dust." This is the reference to man being created from dust and eventually, when we pass, our bodies decompose and are reabsorbed into the ground, where the dust that created man came from. Alternatively, if we are cremated, the ashes will also reabsorb into the ground. While our body returns to the earth, our soul goes to "God".

For the record here, I don't believe this really happened, nor am I even sure if 'God' exists (I've seen arguments for and against, and neither has made up my mind one way or another). I merely know a bit about the subject.

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The bible says that when we die we are absent from the body and present with the lord. Our body is what dies the shell we where our soul is what lives on forever.

Our bodies return to the ground in which it came, our spirit to God who gave it and our souls to Heaven or well.

The versus simply talks about the body and the man took it out of context any way.

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adam was made from dust, when we die we are buried in the ground and we will start to decompose and become like dust.
Also when we die, we will no longer have our earthly bodies, but a new body that God will give us.

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1) anybody can say anything, No, I know better than to believe him 2) a physical body will return to dust - nothing surprising there - it's the soul that departs into all eternity - those that are saved are Heaven-bound !!

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OH, one more thing...the icon you are using is a satanic symbol. It represents pure evil. Be very careful, please get out of whatever you are in. Seek God

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It means that we turn into dirt after we die. Yeah for dirt!

All evidence demonstrates that death is just death. No heaven, no hell, no nothing.

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one day you will all find out that muslims are right trust me. I bet the world on it.

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maryam, you're wrong. Trust me on this one.

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our physiical bodies will return back to the original state of carbon (dust), the basic building block for organic life forms. but our spirit (our inner man, conscience, our volition and drive/will) will be judged according to Gods standards, and if you excpeted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. if you did you will go to heaven, if not, hell... its all or nothing, you can't serve to different kingdoms at once... its pretty streight forward and simple to understand, but for some its not somehting that can be easly talked about b/c it scares the crap out of them so they pretend it dosn't exsist...


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Ipod, the verse you are referring to means that God created us out of the dust of the earth. He breathed life into our lungs and we became a living soul. When we die, our bodies decay back into the dust from which it came, and the breath God gave us goes back to Him.

When Jesus Christ returns to take His children home, He will awake all the dead, to take His children to heaven and the evil ones He will destroy. every eye shall see Him come .

I hope this helps you. Send me FunMail if I can help

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*** First of all don't beleive some negative idiot that does not beleive, because they are mentally programmed to disbeleive,

So, when people fail to believe in absurdities like leprechauns, ghosts, alien encounters, and Santa, are they just as 'programmed to disbeleive' as when they fail to believe in absurdities like gods, angels, demons, and astrology?

No 'programming' is required to fail to believe that which is grossly implausible, supported by nothing of substance, and so obviously rooted in myth and ancient ignornace as to be laughable.

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We came from the earth and thats where we will die. Kind of like we are part of it in a little way. I believe we don't go to heaven but I do believe in god because he gave us time to live on this earth but I think it's just higly unlikey you go to a higher place I think you just die and you don't feel anything anymore like your not there and your body is just gone. Thats just my opinion

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Yes, the physically body will return to dust, but your spiritually body will either go to heaven to join the spirits of just men made perfect or to hell to join the ranks of those who have been at war with God while they were alive here on earth.

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When I officiate at a funeral, one of the things I say at the graveside is, "From out of the dust you came, unto dust you shall return, and from the dust you shall rise again."
Meaning: we came from nothing, we return to nothing, but we are promised to rise again one day to eternal life with God. But it's not just a fantasy dream, it is a real promise from the Word of God that Jesus came to save those who have faith and know Him. Look up John 3:16, John 14:6, and 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

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to be absent from the body doesn't come until the resurrection, the dead no nothing until then, God will bring His breath of life and call us from the grave, the just 1st resurrection and unjust, 2nd resurrection.
Ps; 49-15, says God will redeem us from the Grave, Jesus said we are asleep (rest) when we are dead.
we know nothing at all because we no longer function as Mortal men, and we are not immortal till Jesus returns and raises the dead. did Jesus raise Lazarus, by Just calling him up from the Grave, through Jesus, God gave him the breath of life again to be raise up, and when God did this Lazarus came forth from his Grave (Lot) to be with Jesus! our soul leaves the old body at the returning of the Lord, Jesus set the example for us all! (His Life was the example,as he lived in the flesh) and we will have the same resurrected Life that he has after our resurrected Life come to us. what was made for the earth can't go to heaven until the resurrection, but we are HIdden (rest) in Jesus from our baptism and in the bosom of God with Jesus in his death and his being risen, till the coming of the Lord.
read Col: ch. 1,2,3, we go through Jesus by our doing his will and being baptized for repentance of sin, and being accepted into his Kingdom, water baptism cleanses us of our sins then we are baptized in the Holy Spirit in the Name of the Father and the Son.
this is what i have been led to believe., by the Holy Spirit, which i felt came over me seven yrs. ago, at age 68! Please remember this, i didn't understand this before that! also remember God also raised Jesus from the grave and he changed into a heavenly body of flesh and bone his soul was in that body redeemed and after that he ascended to the father, same as we will.
i am only a man. we have to worship God as a individual having a personal relationship with Jesus.

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