Does everyone make friends in highschool?

Answer #1

Many people do, many people don’t. These days you have to fit in with a crowd to be considered a friend. If your the odd one out, you don’t get paid much attention too. This constantly leads people into becoming people they aren’t. But it does help them gain friends, although for all the wrong reasons. There are people who refuse to be thrown into cliques. Typically they are the people with no friends. At my school, you have only very few people that don’t have friends. The ones that don’t, choose not to for their own personal reasons. Although these days at my school, I see more of people kicking friends to the curb and rolling their own ways. 

Answer #2

No matter what people have to learn how to get along with them, and adapt to the surrounding environment,for example:

Answer #3

I learned that it’s important to find real friends. Not just superficial imitations of friendship. It is also more important to have real friends than it is to be popular and cool.

If the cool/ popular folks accept you and like the way you are, fine. Become their friend.

If they don’t, if you need to shift to any style that you don’t really like, if you need to behave in a way that is uncomfortable to you in order to get accepted by them, if you get the feeling that you are only accepted for showing superficial behavior, wealth or imitation of somebody then there is no true friendship in it. In that case, just look out for people who feel the same way and: be yourself.

I used to be the “weird girl” when I was a kid, an outsider who liked heavy metal music, dungeons and dragons games, computer programming and who read fantasy and science fiction books. X-) But there were other “weird” people… a punk, a harp playing Jesus-freak, and a slightly autistic hyper-intelligent maniac… and we kinda formed a “weirdness group” after a while. So I didn’t adapt to anything i did not want to be, I just had to accept the other “weird” peoples’ quirks. We had a lot of fun. And we still hold contact.

Don’t run after people who are snobbish, even if they are popular and come with a horde of admirers.

If you have problems finding friends, just accept the quirks of other people who have problems finding friends and find out what cool people hide behind the weirdness. You’ll find real friends there.

Answer #4

personaly many people wanted to be my friend in high school, but i didn’t wanna have fake friends who just wanna use you, or wanna be cool, i only have one true friend and we didnt even go to the same school , well i was in school so many guys asked me out i wasnt stupid enough to fall for them, i said no to almost everyone, i just did good in my classes joined all the sports i wanted to, i let people talk sh!t all they wanted, let people be jealous, let people get mad at me, w.e didn’t care. i didnt go to high school to make friends, nor get into fights, but for an education. and even if you don’t make so many friends, trust me you’ll be able to survive. just remember to not get tricked cause many guys just want one night stands .. well thats how it was at my school , and the girls just don’t trust people to easily, i’ve made that mistake. well hun wish you good luck, and you always have time for homework and studying ok! ;) hehe <3

Answer #5

I had a friend who only had me to hang out with….so I guess not everyone makes friends. ( we didn’t hang out everyday cause lunch area would get really full and sometimes I couldn’t find her )

Answer #6

Most everybody does. It’s bound to happen; if you join sports or clubs you’ll find that you like being around those who have similar interests. Can I tell you a secret, though? It’s better to have just a few close friends as opposed to a large group of friends, in my opinion. Those are the ones you’ll still call in college because you miss them.

Answer #7

I got many friends in my high school life. But I could not make every people to my friend. I always keep friendship in my mind and continued it with my hearts. So when I got friendship I always look what kind of student he/she was. But many pupil have they didn’t many friend. But I got many friend.

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Answer #8

i think so…

Answer #9

well friends is vague. i still dont know what to classify the people im near all the time. never could tho.

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