What eye makeup will bring out my blue eyes?

Hey! I have blue eyes and I usually wear black mascara and eye liner. But my friends don’t like the black look, so what should I do? Is there a certain color that will bring out my blue eyes? I need something that will look fresh and clean, yet still pretty. Got any advice? Thanks!!

Answer #1

If you have light blue eyes, use smoky colored eyeshadow. A midnight black liner on top will look very nice with light blue eyes. Also, if you use a lot of mascara on the bottom and the top, it will make your eyes look brighter and bigger in a way. Just make sure you don’t make your mascara look so clumpy because that won’t look good.

Answer #2

HEY! well…(for any eyes) -always put the darker colours on the outside. -remember back to grade 3 art, good old colour wheels. try not to put opposite colours together, or else it looks like you’re trying too hard. -only put eyeliner on the outer half of your eyes down the bottom, and always put it on top (to make your eyelashes look thicker) -you can also put a dark colour in that skin flap (to make your eyes bigger) they’re the basics… have fun!

Answer #3

A dark blue eyeliner is a must for us blue-eyed gals. Try getting a dark brown mascara instead, as that generally softens the look and brings out the color more…

Answer #4

I have blue eyes and I use a bronzed color/deep brown shadow. make sure its not matte, and has some shimmer in it to add some depth. The brown will contrast against your blue eyes and it will make them pop! Also use a chocolate colored eye liner. to brighten up even more dab a shimmery champagne color on the inner corners of your eyes.. and then add some mascara!

Answer #5

Personally, i believe, when I see people with blue eyes, i think chocolate browns, pinks, blues and golds look the best

Answer #6

P.S. to my 6th of August Reply:

If you don’t feel quite ready to dispense altogether with your black eyeliner- then why not do what I do and add a little black to the outer corners of your eyes ‘only’ for some subtle definition to your new bluey-green and aubergine look?

Answer #7

Try a light purple on the lid of your eye with brown in the crease and brown mascara and eyeliner.

Answer #8

i also have blue eyes..but they change..i normally wear black eyeliner also but if im going to wear a blue, green, ish colored type clothes, i wear dark blue eyeliner it just brings them out and its really pretty! but for mascara use a brownish color so its not so fierce.

Answer #9

i got grey eyes but i used to have blue so now i use blue contacts to try to bring it back, but what i suggest to do is use a brown or gold eyeliner, and a blue mascara, but dont got to missmatched on the eyeshadow, cause as all guys say “girls look too pretty natural, and too fake plastic” so just have known fact of less is more, but if you must put on eyeshadow use shades of brown, a way easier fact for me “brown is the new black” good luck

Answer #10

Get a liquid green eyeliner and put that on your eyelid where the lashes come out. Use shades of gray and green to bring our your blues.

Personally, I LOVE the smoky black mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow of grays and blacks to bring out blues. It may be that you’re wearing it too severely. Treat yourself and head into a salon and have a session with a make up artist, she can teach you how to smolder them baby blues! Take it from my, I’m a hairstylist and i work with this kind of stuff all the time!

Answer #11

Ok use blue girl cuz I have blue eyes and every other colour makes my eyes look so dull so I use light blue eye chadow and eye liner and purple mascara It looks saweet !!

Answer #12

Your FRIENDS don’t like the black look, but you do right? Who the hell are they to try and govern your life and tell you what make-up to wear. I actually wear eyeliner and mascara myself and I had a friend not too long ago who would go on and on about how she didn’t like it. It was definitely bothering me for awhile but then I realized that it’s my f**king face so I can do it up however the hell I want. Besides, smokey eyes look sultry and mysterious, definitely an attention grabber. However, if YOU want to change your look, not for your friends, but for YOURSELF, try these tips: 1.Choose eyeshadows that contrast with your natural eye colour. For your blue eyes, copper, icy pink, lilac, silver or gold would be the best choice. 2.White eyeliner on your inner rims brightens up your eyes and makes them look bigger. 3.Dot a bit of shimmery shadow on your inner corners to brighten up your eyes. 4.Dab a BIT of petroleum jelly just under your brow bones to brighten up your entire eye area. 5.When you do wear smokey eyes, keep the rest of your makeup natural so you don’t look too made-up (clear lip gloss and nix the blush and foundation).

  1. Try a coloured mascara and eyeliner, which will draw attention right to your pretty eyes. 7.Wing your eyeliner out about half an inch for a mod/egyption feel. 8.Dot a dark brown liner in between your lower lashes. It will enhance your eyes, but will bare;y even look like it’s there. 9.Curl your lashes then coat them with clear mascara to list and seperate without looking phony.
  2. Avoid blue shadow which generally doesn’t go good with blue eyes.
  3. Avoid lining your inner rims which will make eyes appear smaller. 12.Take some time to make your brows look good. Good brows open up and improve the appearance of the entire eye area.
Answer #13

Ok I have blue eyes too and I personally LOVE dark eye makeup and my friends dont so I say screw them not their face :) but when I am wanting to look pretty and my eyes stand out I wear a blue shirt and but on VERY thin line of black eye liner on the bottom (dont put on top it looks funny w/ blue eyes) and I use a bronzer foundation which makes my face glow and I use copper-ish brown eye shadow and black mascara and my eyes look georgeous when I do that :) hope I helped…btw dont change just because your friends want you to its really stupid

Answer #14

how can I get my somkey grey green blue eyes to stand out?? please answer!

Answer #15

how can I get my somkey grey green blue eyes to stand out?? please answer!

Answer #16

I always think smokey eyes bring out my blue! =) but then im not sure if I wear a blue top that helps :)

Answer #17

well, I bought a compact eyeshadow selection and it has like a chocolate brown with a hint of gold in, a pale blue and a dark blue. it says on the label on the back ‘’for blue eyes’’ . i hope that helps :D x

Answer #18

i wear brown mascara and eyeshadow and a little eyeliner not much

Answer #19

I have light blue eyes and I wear black eyeliner and mascera but my eyeshadow is like a silver and it makes my eyes stand out massivley! dont put to muckh eyeliner on your bottem eyelid thoo.

Answer #20

I think brown Eyeliner, and for mascara maybe like a dusty black, and if you ned shadow probably browns and light blues!!!

Answer #21


Answer #22

i have blue eyes too and i wear a brown mascara and a expresso color eyeliner that way its not too dark.:_)

Answer #23

I have blue eyes, and I wear eye liner and mascara. in fact, thats usually the only things I put on. dont be controled by your friends. if they really have an issue with it, and cant accept it, than they arent really good friends now are they? do what makes you happy. not your lame little friends.

Answer #24

Browns or gold browns with brown eyeliner and black liquid eyeliner for special days. I always use this and have amazing blue eyes they’re lush. try it! X

Answer #25

I have blue eyes as well, and I’m 16. my sister in law took me to MAC for my birthday and they showed me how to do my eyes. stick with the light pinks browns and golds. put foundation on my eye lids so when you put the shadow on it, it will stay on and not crease, now take an olive color eye liner, its dark but not too harsh,and put on as close as you can to your lashes as possible on the top, on the bottom you can just line your eyes the same way or do that and line the inside too. then with mascara apply a few coats so it doesn’t look clumpy, and just run it once on your bottom lashes if you do too much it will look to heavy. now back to the shadow, I used pink, I put it all over my lid up to the crease, then use a pale or white color under your brow, and if you want a more dramatic look, use a darker color on the outside edge of your eye, like a dark purple plum color, don’t use black.just put in on the outside edge, then take an angle brush and use the same color and run it along your bottom lashes. now make your brows look good, take a color eye shadow that matches pretty well, don’t use a pencil cause it will look to harsh, and just use the angle brush with the shadow and fill in your brows, maybe shape them a little. and there.always do your face last. do your eye’s then you face, cause you tend to mess up and your mascara smears or something. add a little blush and a gloss, and your good (:

Answer #26

okkay I have blueish green eyes.. but when my eyes tend to be more crystal blue.. I use -brown or black eyeliner(mostly brown when theyre blue!) -orangish/goldish! it brings out your eyes MAJORLY!! but if you have green eyes its different use more light brown with green eyes -shimery silver eyeshadow in the corner of the eyes.. and apply a preety thin line of it over the orangish eyeshadow where you apply liquid eyeliner on top.. -u can curve your brown/black eyeliner at the end if you like eyeliner on the top (I don’t recommend it, it looks weird!! looks too harsh unless light brown eyeliner!) -dark brown masacara for extra volume and a darker look for lashes.. but if you use clear cus your eyelashes are alreddy dark, its pointless, cus every clear mascara I have ever used ddnt giv me the curl and volume I wanted as color mascara does.. so whether or not your eyelashes are dark still use colored mascara to get voluma and thicker lashes!! unless you know a really good brand of clear mascara!! and if you do comment bellow!!!(: thankxx… -tAyLoRRR~!!~

Answer #27

I have blue eyes and I get a ton of compliments on my eye make up :) I use white eye shadow on the top AND a small bit on the bottom of my eyes and then I take black liquid eye liner and put some on the very outer edges of my eyes. then I use black mascara and finish off by putting on normal black eye liner. also I do this by substituting the top eye shadow with a goldish brown color, very pretty :)

Answer #28

first do a really heavy goldish liner on the top and a light line just above your lashes. Then, do a bronzy lid colour, and a browny gold crease. My blue eyes POP! I reccomend sephora flashy liner copper. Dont forget to curl your lashes and wear tons of mascara!

Answer #29

my fren tay wears this light blue eye shadow,an icey blue,th same color of her eyes.

Answer #30

Hi- from one blue-eyed gal to another.

To enhance blue eyes, use colours which are greenish- blue, bluish- green, or LESS blue than your actual eye colour. Peacock greens and Teal shades are perfect examples. Also try using a soft eye pencil in these shades on the inner rim of your lower eyelid to get the pencil as close to your iris as possible and so amplify your own colour. You will have to pull your lower lid down to tauten the rim while you do this - (also in order to see what you’re doing!) Then use the same -or a similar shade of -pencil under the lashes too, in the conventional way. If it’s prone to smudge use a fine eye brush to put some greenish eye shadow under the eyelashes first which will absorb any oiliness and give your pencil staying power.

Or if you prefer a more natural effect, damson, aubergine, heather and plummy shades will enhance blue eyes and make them look bigger too. Also, experiment with plum colored or navy mascaras which are often more flattering and less hard than plain black.

Have fun.



Answer #31

The colors that bring out blue eyes are like a fuchia purple-ish, Black Medium gray, and yes, orange. but the best way for it to look good is to NOT PUT TOO MUCH ON! and make those kinds of colors match eachother. blend them in to make it look pretty and have your eyes noticable. and I have brown eyes so when I’m bore I test colors that will bring them out since brown is a dark color and you can use ExactEyeliights mascara believe me it actually works.

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