Does anyone like this new format?

Answer #1

Yeah I like it. I just miss certain things like seeing whether a member is online or for how long they’ve been gone. But the splash page is definitely a plus and the format seems a bit more “cozy.”

The one thing that is bugging me though is the ad links. I get the whole revenue thing they just seemed to be placed awkwardly in between answers. I end up reading what seems to be a link description instead of an answer.

But either way, I approve of the changes :)

Answer #2

When we re-launched in 2012, we had so many people complain about the change … they said it was confusing. That was the format you knew and used up until these past couple of days.

Change is never simple … it takes a lot of patience from our members and it’s a lot of work for our team to get everything running smoothly, but change can’t be avoided.

Everyone complains when Facebook changes their format, but does Facebook give you the opportunity to express your concerns and respond to them? No. … but we do … and because we respect you all enough to be willing to work with the members to make sure this is a pleasant site, we would hope that you all can respect us equally and try to understand what it is we’re trying to do here.

Answer #3

I hate it i cant find nething i posted

Answer #4

It’s gonna take some adjusting, but yes I think it.

Answer #5

I’m not a huge fan, but that’s because I don’t have blades, a cord or a plug :P.

Answer #6

Not me o-o I hope everything in my funmail is normal at least,

Answer #7

The new format is confusing but compared to the old format, I rather be confused and work around it. The old format was getting so boring, I could only stay logged into Funadvice for a few minutes as the site was too small with too few members to really create a proper “social networking” concept. This new format makes it less painful interacting with members because you do not have to read mindless, brain-dead status updates. :-P

Answer #8

I actually like it. The writing is more comfortable which is cool and you can still find all your stuff. Just give yourself a few hours to get properly used to it and be sure to ask when you are struggling. Also make recommendations. If you don’t like something mail colleen and ask her about the feature or voice your concern. You are allowed to.

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