Do you like the new funadvice format now that some time has passed?

I hardly come on here anymore (and I may stop entirely), but when I do the changes keep rolling in. Do you like the new look and feel of this site or are their some things you wish handn’t changed and would come back. Do you feel the community is as strong as ever or is it somehow weakened in your opinion

Answer #1

Well, the community has weakened mostly because the site’s focus is brought back to its advice and questions and less in the social aspect of the site. My personal opinion on that is I wish they kept more of the social aspects of the site. I do get that put less focus on that because many users were only using it as a social networking site never answering or asking questions, but I had always asked and answered questions and found the social aspect of the site to make it more fun. Which is a great reason I stayed for so many years, there are plenty of questions websites but a question site with a social networking aspect is unique and made it stand out to me. It’s not gone though, and I’m glad for that, just dimmed. I do like the new layout and look of the site, it’s much more sleek and modern.

Answer #2

I have gotten pretty used to it, I have come to like it though there seems to be less activity now. On a side note, miss ya and glad to see ya :-)

Answer #3

It is slowly picking up again though :D

Answer #4

True and very happy that’s happening

Answer #5

I hate everything. My slow internet makes it hard for me to log in considering that now i have to go through a bunch of different website and enter even more mumbo-jumbo than I would have to before. Funadvice is killling itself right here. It’s supposed be all clean and simple but a website like this just cant run on the google themed minimalism. It’s become a pile of things for sale and not much else.

Answer #6

I tend to agree with you that site had a great social aspect about it once upon a time, but in the more than 2 years that I have been a member here, many of the adults who were once a great part of this community have vanished. As to why this has happened, who really knows, but to shed away some of the social qualities you’ve listed above has contributed to this sites decline since the changes. I will say this though, I had a lot of friends leave because of what they viewed as a general rudeness by some of the members here, hopefully that will change. I do hope though for the success of this site and to the new changes. Thank you for answering Janice.

Answer #7

It’s still so new for me before I can make a proper judgement about the new changes here, so I will give it some time. And It has been a while since I was here last, and verry happy to hear from you again. I hope your holidays were nice for you and your family.

Answer #8

Here is hoping that some of these changes are still in its beta stages, and that further enhancements are coming soon to help with what you described above. Hope you had a great Holiday season :)

Answer #9

Yeah its takes a while to get use to it. Yep we missed ya, and thanks hope your holidays were great for you as well

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