How do you forget and get on with life?

When you lose a major part of your life and you know things cant be the same, but you miss the old days and its confusing to deal with because you have to preten like your fine alot of the time.Most of me doesnt want to forget what was..but i know it wont be again and he wont care anyway :/

Answer #1

You’re only 14 … your life is going to go through some huge changes yet. Every era ends, and a new one begins … you can’t stop the change, so you need to learn to go with the flow. Think ahead … not back.

Answer #2

I guess…But its like this time last month..was amazing and i was so happy its unbeliveable…now its like crap because of one person and they we’re like the source of happyness for me..And i miss how we used to be -.-‘ But im just being stupid ‘cos I know life wont be the same for ages and i’m stuck with the choice of someone else :/ buts life goes on…mostly without me.

Answer #3

You don’t forget. Pain is the experience that will ultimately turn you into a stronger, wiser, and greater person in the long run. You can move on and that’s where you should start, but it won’t be easy. I’ve had to do it many times so I know how difficult and emotionally trying it can be. Read my profile and see if that helps at all, if you have questions for me you can post a comment or funmail me. Name’s Ace and I’m here to help.

Answer #4

I’ve had enough pain for now -__- Stoopid life, whys it so hard?! & I guess it makes you stronger ect… Taaar for the help Ace

Answer #5

Like Colleen said, you’re only 14, your life is still in its early stages, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, sometimes things, for whatever reason happen and we find it hard to move on, there is the saying, forgive but never forget, I know what it’s like pretending you are fine all the time, sooner or later you will find it harder and harder but you will keep trying to as you want to stay strong for others, I hope everything works out for you, if you want to FM me, I will do my best to try and help, I am Adam:)

Answer #6

Ner, she is like an 18 year old.. As in she is extremely smart & mature for her age.. Well, sometime we shall say ;) Changes suck, but that’s life for yah

Answer #7

-.-‘ to you response adam. You wont understand ¬_¬

Answer #8

I’ve been there, I hate change, I always want everything to be the same. Even a carpet we had in our house and got rid of, it was hard for me to part with it cause it was something I knew and grew up with. But change is happening every second, we can’t stop it. You have to put your faith in what’s to come. You can’t stand still wishing for the past, cause everybody is moving forward, your going to be left behind. You don’t wanna regret years from now when your life is soo good, that you never thought it could get this good. And your going to wish you didn’t dwell to much on the past, cause it’s there for a reason!! Message me anytime you wanna talk!!!!

Answer #9

yes all those sweet memories are very much sweeter than the honey… and it will be easier to swallow a bitter soup than to forget all those moments which you and him has cherrished alway… the days, the time, the sound of seconds ticking by and by… mean every thing was so perfect and always hope that this moment be still and may not pass away….. but when the reality strikes you badly and found yourself that you have been cheated by him you can’t beleive it., how on earth he ever could do that.,,, mean someone with whom you have given a lot of time and many things even the most precious hearts love to him but he still could not find content in it and let to leads away from you…. yes that real hurt and this thought of him haunts much more that the feeling of love relation of yours… but as you says how to go along with life??? you know that you have to go along with your life than why not with a smile and joy… off-course it will take time for your heart to accept what has happen to you but time is a beat healer of all time it heals almost eveything…. take care and don’t ya worry life is still very very long way to go and who know may be you will met more better than him….

Answer #10

You eat chocolate digestives :3

Answer #11

i think it depends on how open minded and willing you are to forget and move on. life isnt suppose to be easy its so we can become stronger and face the challenges that we think are impossible. when you lose something and things change doesnt mean you should toss the rest. It sounds like your holding on to your past and holding it way to close. i wouldnt spend my time wishing it was the same its a waste of time and isnt helping you forget anything only remeber and make your self more upset. you need to let go of what made you sad. Think of it as chance to make things different and somethimes different is better. its a new start. i think these quotes may help you out i love them “ forget the past but remeber what i taught you “ and without any struggle there can be no progress”. i think the key to forgetting is accpet it wont be the same ever and to focus on the now dont worry about the furture. Remember the good memories sometimes the good memories are the hearts greatest treasure. but dont try to make it the same make it different. do things that make you happy and feel amazing. you dont need to pretend everythign is okay when it isnt. its good and healthy to show emotion. i know its our fist defense to pretend but it wont get you anywhere. let go and move on it isnt gonna be easy but you will get strong. you need to move on so you can get ready to accpet new challenges and face them. you need to be strong. You need to start by taking baby steps babys steps may take a while but they will get you farther than no steps. i wish i could help you out more but i dont know your story so i cant. hope this helped you. if u wanna talk more feel free to talk to me. life is what you make it turn bad things into a learning chance keep good memories close to the heart but forget the rest. remeber cheer up and create your new start and face the new challenges life has :) <3

Answer #12

Tbh, all of these people are right what they have been saying. You will never forget but you can forgive. Don’t keep looking back at the past, people are in your past because they wasn’t supposed to be in your future. Just move on with life, forget the world and live for what makes you feel like the happiest person alive. Your 14, if you think it’s hard now then wait for a year or two when there is a list of coursework longer than your arm to complete, boys messing with your head, haters hating on you (if they do, hopefully not but your lucky if they do not) and probably the most frustrating time of your entire life. Everyone goes through it, just remember those who have always been there for you, make sure you have some very decent friends around for a shoulder to cry on, keep your head down in school and get them GCSE’s in your back pocket because you only have one chance of getting them to your standards tbqh. No matter what has happened in life, it can always be forgotten, you just have to be a very strong and light-minded person, where you can just forget bad things that have happened and move on. Tbh, change sucks but nothing you do will stop it from happening, just always think, whatever changes, changes for a reason and you will soon get used to these changes. Good luck and all the best! :)

Answer #13

Change is always hard, but you just have to learn to accept t and eventually you get comfortable with it. Anyways, at this age, you will find that things are constantly changing. Just keep your head up, look forward to the future, and remember that change isn’t always bad.

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