Forensic Scientist or Sniper ?

I know that I’m a bit too young to be thinking about my long term job for when I’m finished in university but I really am confused about this in particular . When I was younger I used to want to be a vet, because I loved every animal and I thought it was just diagnosing the animals and not treating them, then my family got a Sky box and after that they signed up for the documentary channels . Animal Planet is one of the very popular documentary channels and as soon as I saw the programmes on that channel it opened my eyes to what a vet had to go through, not just diagnosing an animal, not just treating it, but in some cases actually having to make the decision of life and death . I decided I couldn’t do such a thing and turned to the documentary channels, mostly involving looking at every day physics, and I have never been able to watch Animal Planet since . I started watching the CSI programmes and one took my interest in particular (New York) and I got really into them . Before I knew it I became known as a kind of geek in my school because of my knowledge, which I like better than being a no one because everyone where I come from doesn’t make fun of you for being a geek . I ended up wanting to be some sort of scientist but I wasn’t sure what type so I decided to let time pass and see if I could get any ideas . I eventually stopped watching CSI because it was mostly technology involved and I felt that the good old Science and Investigation theme had been let go . I found a programme called N.C.I.S. and then I thought I had made up my mind . I was going to be a Forensic Scientist . But I then saw the episode called ‘One shot, One kill’ and that changed it all . Gibbs describes the thrill that can be had from being a sniper and I the words that changed my mind were “Maybe you just enjoy being a sniper ? Get a thrill out of the fact that your target is totally of your presence . Their lives in your hands . You .. choosing the exact moment you plan to end it . Do you think Alvarez felt those cross hairs lining up on his chest ?” That changed it all, and now I get a thrill every time I think of me being a sniper and someone not knowing when I pull the trigger . So now I’m stumped . One part of me wants to be the Forensic Scientist, happy as I want to be doing my two most favourite subjects and working hard with them to earn my living . But the other part, it still gets that thrill of knowing that I might choose to be a sniper, but I don’t know anything about snipers, what subjects to take in High School, what qualifications I would need, who I would work for . I really need help, I don’t mind if anyone says I’m too young to make this decision, because yes, I know that I probably am too young, but I just need some advice on what I should maybe be thinking about, and how to make that decision when I am older and ready to choose my subjects further on in High School .

Answer #1

If you want to be a sniper, you’re better off talking to a military recruiter. I’m enlisting in the USMC, shipping out around May, and the best I can tell you is that you need to qualify high enough on the ASVAB and successfully complete extensive marksmanship training and survival training to become a sniper.

To be a forensic scientist, you need to determine what TYPE of forensics you want to do. In the shows and movies, like NCIS and CSI, the forensic scientists do everything. In real life, there are specialists. Do you want to be a forensic pathologist? A forensic ballistician? A medical examiner? There are DOZENS of different specialties, and each one requires different training and education. Talk to your guidance counselor for advice on what coursework to do.

Answer #2

Look at it this way, whichever one you choose will inevitably surround you with death and despair.

If you have the ability to deal with that, then take the noble road and get into forensics - there’s something dirty and disturbing about taking another life (which is what being a snipers entails), but with forensics, you have a chance to help people find closure and justice.

Answer #3

That is a very good point. There is zero “cool” factor. If you ever find yourself looking forward to the shot then it is time to seek other employment. Do not get it wrong, you should enjoy whatever you do., just do not “jones” for the kill.

Answer #4

help a life or take a life. its your choice.BTW you shouldnt become a sniper because its “cool”

Answer #5

Forensics I can’t tell you much about. On the other end, I may be able to help you. First off, you’re still in school. Make good use of it. Study math, physics and take track and weight lifting. You’ll need them. Get with some hunters (you can learn a lot from them). Get yourself use to the ideal of spending days and days out in the middle of nowhere or in a city where the locals would kill you if you’re found out. All this and more will await you just so that you can make an invisible soul out of somebody that’s in need of it. In some cases your mark will be 3+ miles away and waiting to have his mind opened into a pink cloud. Hope this has helped. If I can be of further help please feel free to contact me.

Answer #6

are you serious you must be jokin you want to be forensic scientist because its cool? have you even done any research you can’t be serious just CSI shows the wonders of forensic science it doesn’t show the hard skills you need to know to actually be one. and now you want to be an sniper omg I think your parents need to stop letting you watch tv. next thing you know you watch britain’s next top model and the question would be. forensic scientist or sniper or model. lay off the tv kid.

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