Non believers in religion sections

I have noticed that a lot of people who say they dont believe in god answer a lot of questions in the religion section, I know they have a right like anyone else to answer, and im not sayin they should be allowed to go in that section, but if you dont believe then why do you even go in that section? Im not trying to offend anyone but I find it odd that they go in that section. And when one answers it they get all offeneded bout it, it really doens make much sense, if I know im going to get a offended im not going to that place or whatever.

Answer #1

GOD ROCKS!!! and jsus and the holly spirit but all the same thing =)

Answer #2

Religious can mean many different things. Not just believing in God. You can also debate and discuss religion whether you believe in it or not.

Answer #3

You’ll find that people who really participate in religious debate (as in, provide points for discussion, etc, rather than just saying “God doesn’t/does exist! Rah rah rah!” ) don’t tend to get as offended as those who have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. If you truly believe in God, Bhudda, Allah, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc, or you are an atheist, you know for a fact that someone insulting your choice is going to change how you believe.

Answer #4

There’s something that you have to understand, though.

Just because someone does not believe in “God”, does not mean that they are not religious or spiritual.

I am a Buddhist, which is an atheistic religion (Buddha was a man - not a God). I don’t believe in God, but I do follow a religious belief.

As far as I know - I have as much right to enter the religious category as a christian does.

Answer #5

Can one really look at nature and say nobody created it? or look in the sky and say it’s all by chance? or we all came from the apes? oh boy…well religion gets people’s blood pressure up doesn’t it? acknowledging God would mean they have to quit sinning…or atleast know they are a sinner…only by God’s grace we deserve anything good… it’s all about believing in something not seen…like the wind…you know it’s there but you can’t touch it? or see it? One day all eyes will see him…

Answer #6

maybe they are trying to convince believers that God doesnt exist?

Answer #7

Why shouldnt they? Religion influences everyone’s lives, no matter what religion they are or what they believe in, religion tends to effect everyone… Laws are based on religious beliefs, actions are taken because of religious beliefs, so why shouldnt someone who doesnt believe in God have a say in something that effects them?

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