Is there a way to force my mom to quit smoking before we both die because of it?

I swear, she smokes like 10 packs a week. She couldn’t go 30 min. without a cigarette. I have tried and tried to help. I have ran away for months at a time but still… nothing… Now I need to find a way to force her to quit… any help with that?

Answer #1

Sorry to say but honestly you can’t force anyone to do something they don’t want to do, I hope she does quit though, its not good for her or anyone around her

Answer #2

Just tell her that as her daught you feel that she should get some help. You can’t really force her to stop. You’ll have to give her reasons why she needs to stop. Maybe you should tell her about those water vapor things. I know somone that actually stoped smoking because we got her one and she prefers it more than an actuall cigarette. Hope this helps - Katie :D

Answer #3

No, you cannot force anyone to do anything.

The most you can do is talk to your mother and tell her how you feel about it. Also, you can do research and gather up information about the harmful effects of both smoking and second-hand smoke to try and convince her to stop smoking for both her health and yours.

If she still doesn’t want to quit, then perhaps you guys can compromise. If she wants to continue to smoke, then it’s her choice, and her health… however, she shouldn’t ruin your health too. She could at least go outside to smoke if she wishes to continue to smoke, that way, you will not be affected by second-hand smoke.

Answer #4

In addition, if she flat out refuses to compromise and at least go outside to smoke, you may have to get someone else involved. You may find it helpful to talk to a school counselor, or maybe go to family counseling if she will agree to go.

Answer #5

you can’t force yer mother to quit.. but try getting her to be more active or try spending more time with her, it might help with her smoking habits coz if she’s with you & busy she wont have time to smoke. keep her busy and go to the movies or something eventually it might work. hope this helped :)

Answer #6

Look, its true, you cant force anyone to do anything they dont want or are not ready to do….Timing is everything! You can be mean to her and still nothing will happen she will just wind up resenting you more & doing it in spite.(yeah parents can be that way when they feel their child trying to take over their lives!) If you really want to have her think about it seriously at the very least, you have to motivate her slowly.

Come to her and ask her if you can talk to her about something that frightens you. Explain to her how much you need her in your life & scared you are of loosing her. Also explain to her that you have been watching a few things and found a video you wish to watch with her and ask to please bare with you til it ends & actually be open minded to the options.
After watching it with an open mind, she will realize what you have been trying to say all along. Do not expect her to quit cold turkey, it will not happen & only you will be disappointed & hurt by it! No miracles, but try a compromise…say something like at least try to cut down to 10 cigi’s a day rather then a whole pack. That will sound more convincing rather then yelling & screaming, dont you think?! Motivating her to a smaller amount will be easier then cutting it out all together! Small doses will assure her that she gets her fix but doesnt go on killing herself & taking you with her.
Eventually she will see that it will be also saving her money in the long run because she will be buying less often then she was used to to begin with! After a while, she herself will see that it wasnt that bad…perhaps someday even cut it down to 5 a day until she see’s that she really didnt need all that in the first place.

Try looking up a few video’s and when you find one that might do the trick, sit down with her & watch it together. Showing her what cigarettes do, will open her eyes to really understanding what is going to happen to her in the long run if she doesnt stop.
Use every dirty trick in the book if you have to, but dont hurt her or upset her…do it in a diplomatic way…Rub it in, saying dont you love me, dont you want to see me walk down the aisle someday?! Have kids someday? If you dont take care of yourself or me, neither of us will! There are nice pictures(not) that will grantee to make her stop. When she finally looks at that it will disgust her…just look it up on youtube(dot)com write motivational video - stop smoking something like that & watch they show…

Hope this helps.

Answer #7

thats the problem… i hae done ALL of this… nothing works… and i get how ur sayin i cant force her.. but its been for mi whole life and even more

Answer #8

You can’t force her to do anathing at all. You can find other alternatives, but you can’t force her. She is addicted to it, and smoking is a very hard habbit to break, so she will quit when she wants to and get’s something that puts her into reason, or might stop when it is too late, it is up to her. You can try and see if she can do it outside the home? Like maybe she can go outside and stuff so the smoke is always hitting you and affecting you. You can tell her to keep stuff that keeps the house smelling fresh, other than smoke, always keep the windows open and stuff, doors too just so air is flowing trough. You can try talking to her, I mean you can always try. Try to tell her how it is affecting you and how it will affect her latter on and how it might be affecting her in the future. You can tell her this, as an option, won’t have any for sure effects, but you never know. I guess that would be your best thing to do, and go from there.

Answer #9

she has been smokin since she was 17…. and now shes in her 40’s… timin is not an option now

Answer #10

she dosnt go anywhere… or do anything… shes a vegitable!

Answer #11

Then all I can tell you is wait until you move out. Then you will not be around it.

Answer #12

I know what you mean, I hv been smoking off & on too since I was younger…then i quit cold turkey when I met my exhsuband. For 8 whole years…it’s possible…dont doubt the power of love & respect. Once he cheated on me I fell off the wagon and ws an even heavier smoker i am talking a pack & a half a day from nothing n 8 years…I did that for about 2-3 years then was forced to quit cold turkey when | moved back home…imagine that! I barely hv one here & there over a period of months now. When I am really in a bad place or so I was. I havnt had a cigi in perhaps 2 months, and prior to that months ago when I had maybe 5 with in a period of a whole week! People go through stages hun…i cant be forced…but cutting down from 2 packs a day to 10 cigi’s a day is a big step & you have to realize that it’s not to be taken lightly if she is even willing to consider it bcz it isnt easy! Withdrawals, stress, irritation & she will get so frustrated begin screaming or worse getting all depressed or emotional. You cant just make someone do something like that just because you choose to snap ur fingers young lady! With all do respect, dont forget she is still your mother! She doesnt owe you a damn thing, she provides for you & pays the bills…so show some respect and do it in a nice gesture rather then getting all up in her face about it. I grantee you, my way might help, yours, as you can already see hasnt for years…right?! Try something new. Maybe she will surprise you…who knows?

Answer #13

If 1) you live with your mom, and 2) you know of a relative, or the family of a close friend, that you could stay with for awhile, then try this: Talk with that relative or family first to make sure it’s ok with them first, and if it is, then say to your mom: “You’re not just killing yourself by smoking. I live here too, and your second-hand smoke could give ME cancer and emphysema and heart disease and old wrinkled skin! So, as much as i love you, I can’t keep living here with you until you’re at least seriously trying to quit. I’ve arranged to stay with __ meanwhile.”

Answer #14

true.. thnx

Answer #15

that sound like a good idea! thnx!

Answer #16

My pleasure. Whatever you try, I hope you’ll let us know how things go.

Answer #17

try talking to her about it, maybe she’ll understand you.

Answer #18

no prob..G/L

Answer #19

Gabby, her inactivity sounds as unhealthy for her as her smoking. What if you ask her to take you out to do some fun, active (but not too strenuous) things together? (Without mentioning smoking!)

Answer #20

no, there adults and it’s there choice like the things you do in yr life. ;0

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