really fit teacher wouldent you go ahed and do it ?

Guys honestly, if there was this really fit teacher in school and you had the chance to get it on with her considering your single , wouldent you go ahed and do it ? I would !

Answer #1

Hmm I think you didnt understand what I was trying to say .. but ok ill throw in some real life examples

example 1 I was at a party with my gay friend, this really wacky good looking guy was turning up the heat on the dance floor, later on we had a nice chat with him, once he left to go dance again, my gay friend says to me, hes gay, I completely refuted him and said impossible, he was neither acting looking talking, or anything like the stereotypical gay male characterisitcs, later on that night I saw that same guy and my friend making out at the back of the house, I asked him the next morning how he knew, the simple answer was, “because im gay, I understand it and you wont”

example 2 my little cousin suffers from dyslexia, he used to struggle in the early years, 1 2 3 4th grade, he barely made those years, when he came to secondary school level, during the correction of a test, the teacher realised his problem immediately and took on the initiative to help him, now hes not longer dyslexic hes overcome the problem, how did he identify his problem? Simple, he told my aunt and uncle that he went through the same problems and overcame them, in all these years we all thought he was not an able student, but he actually suffered and only his teacher in the 6th grade realised his problem not the ones before ?

Oh and the defination of stupid depends on person to person, a human cannot be perfect yes ? agreed with me there atleaast ? Ok hence the teacher must also have some sort of stupidity in her which may have given her the conclusion the little boy is stupid, so it took the stupidity part of her brain to identify the stupidity of another, ps, this was based on phsychological analysation of the mind, if you do take up phsychology you will learn it to 1 day :) Ps. im sure you can smile to yes :) haha

Answer #2

Please give me proof of such comebacks failing I want to learn lol

example 1 you see hes retarted, but you would only know hes retarted when youve expereinced or learnt whatt retardness is or how they act, on top of that you have other children in the playground to compare him with, hence you have evidence that hes retard based on scietific and/or experintial knowledge

example 2, (I do admire your humor lol ) again , it relates to eg. if he messes up 2+2 = 4, he says 5, in this sense hes only stupid to the math problem as the solution 5 is contradictory to the scientifical fact that 2+2=4, but to say hes an overall dumbass would be again highly judgemental of the teacher ( can she be hot too ? lol jks) which off the topic this is but ill say it, is a flaw in the human mind and state and type of thinking.

Again personal statements dont require evidence to back it up, I asked you for evidence on an accusation you made on me for me accusing you, let me bring it here again “ STATING that I dont let myself get with guys, so that way they cany play me and ditch. thats a statment, not impessive at all”(Ashlyin elizabeth)

“I never said you dont let yourself get with guys, please quote to support yes” (gooner_17) these sort of statements require evidence

Ps. Dont call me kiddo im older than you hahaha lol I do admire you not backing out of the debate Sorry for the late reply, have exams going on :) tc peace

Answer #3
  1. no I’ve never gone into a girl
  2. you have a very narrow minded opinion on guys,seems like some guy really played with you and you havnt gotten over it yet
  3. my question was an opinion, youve used the word brag to make it go against me
  4. Dont assume, just cause something sounds like a thing, doesnt mean it is, know your facts before you accuse, thats a false accusation youve made
  5. back to number 2
  6. It was an opinion I wanted from guys all over the world
  7. Itll be better if she answers for herself, im sure she wouldnt want you to falter somewhere while answering for her, so that I could use it against you, for the sake of clarity, stick to yourself :)
  8. calm down , smile :)


Answer #4

gooner_17 wants to express his ability of getting a teacher laid, and he wants other guys to think hes great that he can manipulate girls.. I feel for ashlyn… gooner_17 is a total perv and may be smart at rebutals but still a knobheaded student… whoever agrees to him is a perv, to.. that is my opinion and whoever opposes to my opinion DOESNT know what opinion means.. karma will ask for a very nice payback so be ready you gooner_17!! good luck

Answer #5

Well atleast im glad me and you have found some common ground. What do you mean twist ? It wasnt twisted it was based on science ! However I can throw your criticism back at you saying your examples are suited to fit your case to :) Again even if I do say im open minded, a human cannot and im sure does not accept everything and is not open to everything, like e.g. Im not open minded to religion, im skeptic, thats where you find skeptics for all issues, so according to the pshychological point I made, the narrow mindedness in me helped me point out your narrow mindedness towards guys :) Btw I do really think we have moved away from the initial topic of debate which was me being a perve showoff or something ? lol peace btw I do hope scarlet does make her case real soon if you can ask her to come back would be appreciated :)

Answer #6

haha actually no , im quite enjoying our arguement, and dont worry about me losing out on points, the reason I want scarlet is so that there can be more arguement and more of a challenge , double trouble for me haha :) Oh and I really didnt like her insult towards me as well

Answer #7

Again ill mention , it was an opinion I wanted from guys all over the world, it has nothing to do with bragging, in that manner, I can also make a personal comment about me stating I was not bragging at the least !
I never said you dont let yourself get with guys, please quote to support yes :) Oh and since my remarks are idioitic, I only will say that it takes an idiot to understand an idiot :)

Answer #8

Again, your view is narrow minded, your basing our personalities upon your guy friends, different parts of the world have different cultures, hence different types of guys the fact that you say “I dont allow myself to get into situations that would give them the chance to play me” makes it seem like its not me but your the one whos bragging here :) What you believe is entirely upto you, I cannot force you to accept my viewpoints the same way you cannot force religion upon others… oh and is that a warning youve given me ? “if I wasnt calm,trust me youd know it “ am I supposed to get scared ? lol


Answer #9

Hmm lets get a few things straight, stil a virgin didnt sleep with anyone yet

  1. honestly only if I were gay would I want to impress guys, if I really want to impress someone it would be my real frends who I see on a regular basis
  2. Just beacuse youve slept with someone it does not mean your a perve
  3. if I really wanted to show off the question would be asked like this “ How many of you guys have gotten with your teachers ? I certainly have ;) “
  4. Creating a bad image doesnt help, its actually a good image that helps, or even if you do consider a bad image helps. it brings me to point 2 only impress guys, but whats the point in impressing guys ?
  5. im here to impress no1 7 . speak for yourself and on yourbehalf, im sure scarlet can stand up for herself :)


Answer #10

Whats the matter, running out of things to say ? so making statements like this conversation means nothing to me ? Hmm I think by sayin “I wasnt bragging in the least” youve helped me in a way , the same way in which you were not bragging, similarly I was not trying to impress anyone, it was an opinion I wanted :)

Answer #11

haha…dude..your goofhead can really talk!!! you got some points there and sorry to bardge in..but you totally got the wrong images of us guys!!!miss!!! we are certainly angels you see!!!

Answer #12

wooohh!!! is the girl really heated up or what!!! cmon..its just someee crazyyy random ques!!! besides..why wud a total hot teach ever goo out with some students she gives homework to anyway!!! …now…THAT was hot!!! hehe honestly..yea… I would!!! :)

Answer #13

Ashylyn not everything is right in societies eyes, heck underage sex isint right and if they get caught they are penalised under law yes ? BUT not everyone is opposed to such a thing ! Scarlet, before you go and insult me please explain to me the logic behind your accusation that im a perv … explain to me how a simple question expresses that im showing my ability of getting a teacher laid ? Why would I want to win over other guys when im over 2 continents away from all of you on this website, I have no motive… You feel for ashlyn typically because of your narrow minded opinion matches hers , and before you call me a knobheaded student, let me remind you that it takes a knobheaded student to know one :D

Answer #14

How many times can she repeat herself?

I been waiting for a fine teacher to flirt with me lul those kids who have intercourse with teachers and snitch don’t know how good they had it!!

Answer #15

haha this is just a random question, its something I just wanted an opinion on something I’ve done before and wanted to know what guys would think lol… Ashlyn I never said you are not allowed to answer it , by all means please do, but your opinion of it being disgusting is subjective and applies to only you lol, and no its not wrong it natural , its natures way, so the only thing thats wrong is telling people whats right and wrong ;)

Answer #16

I agree to disagree, the teacher is just like another human, but with the title of a teacher, had that teacher been an older woman you know whos not your teacher it wouldnt have been as wrong, so morally and ethically it may seem wrong to you but not me :)

Answer #17

ok so I know you want guys but hookin up wid a teacher is only gunna b gud if you dun get cawt! as a girl ima still say go for it but just b careful! and make it worth the wile because if you do get cawt then you want a good memory atleast! lol! ;)

Answer #18


Answer #19

the fact that you find it disgusting justifys my point that this was meant for only the guys haha

Answer #20

lol did you watch the last episode of inbetweeners season 1 :P neil tries to get off wiv a teacher XD

Answer #21

AMEN brother haha ! im quite enjoiyng this debate against these …Gora ppeople lol

Answer #22

depends how old really.

Answer #23


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