What foods do you your parents make for Thanksgiving?

Answer #1

Gah, it went to the questions anyway. .__.

Answer #2

Fried Turkey, DeerHash, Dove, Stuffing, Barbeque, SweetPotate Cassarole, Squash Caserole, Corn, Gravy&Rice, Peacan Pie,Chochalate Pie & Sometimes Deer Stew.(:

Answer #3

That sounds yummy :) I’m ready for Thanksgiving lol.

Answer #4

Me TOO! (:

Answer #5

Turkey, stuffing, dumplings, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, chicken noodles, dumplings, ham with pineapples on it, cherry pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, yams, mac and cheese homemade, and that’s all I can remember right now

Answer #6

The usual but also family from all over like to bring in fruit salads, pasta salads, cookies, cakes, that cranberry sauce I don’t like. :)

Answer #7

Turkey,Tamales,stuffing,ham,pasta salada,rice,mashed potatoes,baked mac and cheese,cranberry,greens,corn,pies,icecream,brownies,fruit salada, cookies, and many more its making me hungry thinking about it haha

Answer #8

Oh yeah mac salad, potato salad, and pasta salad

Answer #9

Haha, I was thinking HUH wasn’t thanksgiving a month ago? Then I remembered you Americans have it differently from us :P. My dad makes turkey, his turkey is different from the traditional turkey though. He marinates it with a bunch of stuff and then stuffs it with rice lol. It actually tastes amazing though, the rice soaks up all the juices and the turkey, even the breast, is very flavorful and juicy because of whatever he marinates it iwth. Oh, we also make garlic bread and a salad.

Answer #10

Ham & pineapple, portirican ( I dunno how to spell it ) food, upside down pineapple cake, coconut pie, pumpkin pie, green beans with tomato sauce, sweet potato, stuffing, pecan pie, mashed taters with gravy, basically everything but turkey. c:

Answer #11

Im makin stuffed turkey, green bean casserole, velveeta macaroni casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, ham, stuffing, oreo cream pie, banana pudding, and dinner rolls

Answer #12

Why no turkey? 0.0

Answer #13

Cause no one eats it !

Answer #14

OMG. My family loves turkey :L My parents always buy extra turkeys around this time lol. We ate like 3 in one month last year O.0

Answer #15

ofcouse turkey is in my family’s menu lol. my sister is serving corn, Greenbean casaral, avocadoes, smash potatoes, banana pudding, chips, wings and sodas. my mom is making asian foods such as things with noodles, ofcource rice, spring rolls, asian ribs, grilling foods, and a little bit of asian fruits. my mom isn’t a fan of sweets so there probably wont be any. we have many races in my family. We has americans, puerto ricans and vietnamese people

Answer #16

We have a quite large family gathering. We have turkey and ham. Mash potatoes and gravy. Corn and beans. Fruit salad and pudding. Cranberries. We also have pumpkin pies topped with whip creame. Yum i just got hungry.

Answer #17

EVERYTHING! :D big family

Answer #18

It’s a valid question :)

Answer #19

Pretty traditional foods. Turkey, mash potato’s, gravy, stuffing, green been casserole, cranberries, pie. As long as we have turkey I’m happy :D. not much of a ham guy, but love my turkey.

Answer #20

Turkey (Bleck!!), sweet potato puff, macaroni and cheese pie, callaloo (again, bleck), stuffing, cranberry sauce, and millions of pies :DD Mmmm… getting hungry :PP

Answer #21

Ohhh, okay. :D

Answer #22

It’s almost Thanksgiving :P Then you can eat eat and eat some more lol :)

Answer #23

Mwuahahaha >:) Can’t wait! O.O

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