What is the better fish tilapia, catfish, perch whiting, or shark?

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What do you mean better? Taste wise I'm partial to tilapia. Obviously sharks can eat all the rest of those fish, so they are bigger and thus better in that way.

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Oh I'm sorry I forgot that part, yes taste wise

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I would have to say I like shark or tilapia the best.

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I hope you where asking which fish taste the best.

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My favorites are either tilapia or perch. I find them both to be a nice mild fish (nice sweetness to the perch). I've had shark and didn't care for it and I don't think I've ever had catfish.

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I personally like perch. It's pretty much the only fish I eat.

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Catfish, shark (not a fish incidentally), tilapia, then perch and whiting ... in that order.
But my favorite is Bluefish.

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Do u mean bluegill? I never heard of bluefish b4

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But hadn't tilapia gotten a bad rap lately? As in it's a "bottom feeder" fish?

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