Can fish sleep?

Can fish sleep? and do they have eye lids

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The answer to the question is difficult. It depends how to want to define sleep. If you compare with what happens to human when we are asleep, then fish don't sleep. They just rest. If you define sleep saying the metabolic rate goes slow when we sleep, then yes, when they stay at one position for long then they sleep.

They don't have eyelids. One funny answer since they don't have eyelids thats why they don't sleep

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they dont sleep as such because they have to kep moving to pass water over there gills but they do go into some kinda rest mode! but I dont think they have eye lids its more of a clear fiml type thing over there eyes!

Do fish sleep?

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I would think so...but I gotta say, this question made me smile...I don't WHY it tickled me so much...something about the eyelids, I guess...

I don't know if they sleep or not...:)


How do fish sleep ? =s
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Fish go into an energy - saving state which is called 'Rest' Some float in place, some wedge themselves into a spot in the mud or the coral, some even build themselves a nest. They will still be alert for danger, but they will also be "sleeping."
Most fish do not have eyelids (except for sharks)

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Fish do sleep, you can usually tell if they are just in one spot for a long time or if they have a cave to go into. that's what my fish did.
they don't have eyelids though.

Do betta fish sleep?
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they go into sleep MODE!!!

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