First time going on a plane by myself?

Well its my first time on a plain and my two kids wont be with me. Im going to Quebec to see my grandmother and my kids are with there father. But im so scared but im a grown lady and I feel silly but what should I do to bring my nurves down. Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #1

You people on here are so much help thank you :) :) .

Answer #2

bring stuff to do…

cross-word book paper pens riddles puzzles books music etc

don’t be nervous- flying is the safest way to travel and hundreds of planes fly everyday everywhere. I’ve flown heaps of times and I find the thing that makes time go fast for me is learning. it sounds silly but when I fly I teach myself languages and study for school. im only 16 and have flown like 20 times lol. its fine. I just don’t like touch-down very much but theres nothing to worry about.

Answer #3

Some things I’ve read / heard from other people include reading books, medidating, drinking, etc, depending on what hobbies you have, etc.

I just flew from SFO in California to Male, Maldives (two flights, one to Dubai in UAE and one to Male, Maldives, after a six hour layover).

However, I was with my family…when I flew to China, I went by myself for business, which was long & boring. Focusing on reading helped a lot that time.

Answer #4

I dont think thats stupid you might be a grown person but its your first fligt. on my first flight I was with my friend and I was scared lol, your ears will probably pop but that should go after a while. otherwise theres nothing to worry aboutt. x

Answer #5

well thats why the acohol is free on the plain lol that should relax you dont worry you will their there before you know it I accucaly driven an air plain before my uncle owns a 4 seater I guided be the whole way how cool is that. loved it

Answer #6

I’m not sure how to calm you down because I’ve never been on a plane, but it is the safest way to travel.. there’s no much traffic in the sky ^_^ no crashes!! so don’t worry about it, bring some music or something to get your mind off of it and if you’re afraid of heights, don’t look out the window!!

Answer #7

Thank you guys :) .

Answer #8

there is nothing wrong with being afraid , even if you’re an adult

you can bring some things with you to do such as reading drawing listening to music cross word puzzles

anything you like to do , and if you start to feel nervous , meditate for a minute , just close your eyes , breathe through your nose and out of your mouth , or you can chew gum , both can make you relax fast :)

good luck :)

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