Tips for a First Time Flyer?

Im going on a big Trip with my Honors Latin Class,We’re going to Paris/Barcelona. I’ve NEVER been on a plane before,and Im kind of nervous,specially because of all the talk about 9/11.Whats some good advice For me,or some imprtant things I should know? And do people who get car sick also get air sick? I get car sick once in a while. =/

Answer #1

dude!!! I’m shur you went already, but just hoping you had a greeeaat time!!! ima b a pilot!!! 4shur!!!

Answer #2

the gum bit is true.

Answer #3

Danbob pretty much covered it. I’ve been flying a lot recently, and I’ll tell you how I manage flights (normally the flights I’m on take at least 10 hours):

~When you sit down, read the safety card in the seat pocket in front of you. As corny as the take off demo the flight crew does may be, it’s important to know safety procedures and exits, in the (highly unlikely) event that there is an emergency.

~Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated reduces the effects of jet lag.

~Bring an ipod, book, and a magazine. Some planes have in flight entertainment systems, but it’s best to prepare yourself, in case they don’t. I also bring a box of crayons and draw on the sick bags, slogans like “Have a nice day!”- it keeps you giggling for a while.

~Mints- I don’t like chewing gum, so I usually have a bag of peppermints with me to suck on, to prevent my ears popping. The mint also helps with keeping air-sickness at bay.

~Try to take a small nap on the flight to help you adjust to the timezone.

~The toilets make a terrifying noise when they flush- don’t worry, you’re not going to get sucked out, it’s just really loud.

Just chill out, and have fun on your trip!

Answer #4

Air travel is statistically the safest method of travel there is. As tinatodder says, make sure you bring an iPod or something that you can entertain yourself with once you get bored with the in-flight movies & music. The food depending on what airline you travel with isn’t often the best, and take-off/landing is most likely the time when you will be at your most nervous - there is a lot of noise and jostling of the plane going on, but that’s all normal. Also, in-flight turbulence is not something you should be worried about, it happens all the time, and is generally the only time airsickness will occur.

My national airline still provides boiled lollies for passengers to suck on while the plane is descending towards landing, it’s the swallowing which helps your ears pop (not having them pop in an aeroplane can be an unpleasant experience, as the pressure builds up in your ears quite fast and it can be a bit painful) so I strongly suggest you take something to suck or chew on for the landing (taking off is not an issue unlike landing). Jet-lag might affect you for a bit at first also, being thrust into a timezone you’re body is out of sync with can be a bit unpleasant but as long as you eat when the normal time to eat in your timezone is, you’ll have less of a problem (it’s okay to have like 2 lunches or dinners the first day though!)

Other than that, I can’t think of anything else - you’ll be fine!

Answer #5

ok, planes almost NEVER go down, so dont worry at all about crashes etc. planes usually arnt as bad as cars when it comes to sickness. your ears might pop and stuff but usually thats it. Your going to be fine. Congratulations on the trip though!

Answer #6

I’ve never been on a plane but apparently your supposed to chew gum when the plane is taking off or else your ears will pop? Weird. Fact or myth… not sure.

Answer #7

relax dont get stressed owt!

Answer #8

it is so much fun! dont worry about the plane, if you cant take more than an ounce of toothpaste because of security, I doubt anything bad will happen. get a window seat, and try to sit with someone you know. I get really carsick and never have a problem with planes. Have fun!

Answer #9

honestly, I love flying. as long as I get a window seat.. just be sure to bring a fully charged ipod, your favorite pillow so you can sleep nicely, a good book or some magazines to read, comfortable clothes because you’re going to be on that baby for HOURS, and most importantly GUM. because of the high altitude your ears always pop, and unless you love that feeling, be sure to bring some gum because chewing it will un-pop your ears and make you more comfortable.

Answer #10

heyy . I felt the same way you are when it was my first time flying. but what I did, I brought an . . -ipod -a good book -magizines -snacks -pillow and blanket -word search puzzle books and if your flying alone, try to make friends with people on the plane. watch the movies that they play. and the #1 key is to just sit back, and relax. 9-11 wont happen again because now they check SO MUCH BETTER. planes are SO much more safer than cars even if you dont believe it, its true. chew gum and yawn often. and if you feel bumps, thats normal. its not the plane, its the air. your just going throw pressure in the air. and that litttle seat belt sign that goes off every now and then, thats just saying youll feel turbulance, thats completely normal. I love it so much now, I want to be a stewertist when I get older. have fun and good luck . youll love it.

Answer #11

I went on a plane when I was 11 and it was fun but I was so scared because it was my first time flying and I ate lots of candy and gum and drank lots of soda if you fly jetblue you get free soda remember have fun relax and don’t worry about a thing oh and if you feel sick on the way down the first that normal

Answer #12

k its better if you dont think bout it. ya there will be lotts of shaking cause of turbulance ha ha but just take a napp. and before you no it you will be off the plane.

Answer #13

For me I find the best way to avoid ear popping going up is to yawn when going up and coming down to pinch my nose and blow until I feel the pressure in my ears equalize.

These days the biggest hassle flying is getting through security. Be ready to stand in lines. Either leave knives and scissors at home or pack them in your luggage. Wear footwear that can be quickly removed like sandals, slipons, or crocs.

As others said, statistically flying is very safe; your flight is safer than your drive to the airport. Some people do have an irrational fear of flying. If you are really anxious about flying your doctor might perscribe a medication like Xanax for you to cope. My wife isn’t a good flyer so her Dr. perscribes a Xanax when she needs to fly.

Answer #14

chew gum while the plane is departing and also wear comfy sweatpants because theres something about tight jeans make your circulation not that great in your legs (im assuming you’re a girl). plus, jeans on a long flight cant be that comfortable. oh, and charge your ipod before you leave all the way. I’ve never flown, but im assuming that the flights don’t provide much good music

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