What's an idea for a good first pet?

whats an idea for a good first pet? something easy to take care of, but still something friendly that I can interact with. and something that isnt to smelly. im thinking about asking my parents for a pet, I just dont know what kind I should ask for. I’ve only had a fish before, but they are kind of boring and cant do much. I want a nice pet I can interact with and play with, but still is quiet and not too smelly. hopefully im not being to picky with it, but my parents arent really pet people and would flip if I had a loud smelly pet. any ideas?


Answer #1

hamster is a gd pet im getting one soon and thats going to be my first pet. both of my best friends have hamsters and it seems like its great fun! I cant wait till I get mine its going to be dwarf hamster and I’ve allready decided on a name: Shawn lol

gd luck


Answer #2

flattsgirl, yer full of it, a white cat wont die of cancer I’ve had plenty. Cats are independant,loveable and clean so they are are your best option for a 1st pet but adopt, never buy. I work at an animal shelter and its sad to see how many get put down every day because of ignorant people.

Answer #3

Fish. They’re really easy to take care of. But if you want something that you can actually touch, I suggest a hamster or something.

Answer #4

that answer was from my 12 yr old so go easy guys. Just to correct her, cats can die from cancer. the rat thing is a cool idea they are heaps of fun.

Answer #5

rabitts are good to have unless you want a pet which you can cuddle with like a dog or cat snake maybe hamster…picanez dog(srry cant spell that type of dog)

oh birds can be good to have

Answer #6

a hamster is a good first pet but if you dont clean it it will get very smelly tho. or a guniea pig is also good! there both simple and good to play with and very tame if handled all the time! xxx

Answer #7

A rabbit!

They can be potty trained and are friendly and can live in a cage or hutch outside.

Answer #8

Do you like cats? Go to your nearest shelter, but DON’T get a white cat. It will get cancer and die.

Answer #9

A rabbit can still live in your room :)

If you do decide to get one, find him/her on www.petfinder.com. There are tons of homeless rabbits on there that are in animal shelters and rescues all over the country.

Answer #10

I had a rabbit who was the sweetest thing. She let me hold her upsidedown in my arms like a baby and dress her up in dog clothes. She was a brown holland lop; most brown holland lops are like that, so if you get one I highly suggest a brown holland lop.

Answer #11

maybe a cat or a little minutare winner dog hoped I helped lol


Answer #12

albino corn snakes are a good choice as they are easy to look after

Answer #13

a fish is the best all you have to do is clean the bowl and feed it! “oh and take it for walks!” LOL!

Answer #14

I love cat’s.

They’re really fun to play with. I’m plating with mine right now, and he’s four to five years old! So they’re even fun to play with when they’re adults.

Answer #15

Ferrets also tend to stink. Even people who keep their cages clean will have a stink in their room.

I had a hamster, named Zippy, for 3 years. He just passed away due to cancer. He was an amazing little guy to have around. I definitely recommend them. If you end up getting one and have any questions, feel free to Fun Mail me.

(This is Zippy).

Answer #16

try a guinea pig their very playful

Answer #17

goldfish was my 1st pet

Answer #18

A genie pig. They are sooo cute! Awh, I want one.

Answer #19

hampsters are usually the typical first pet.

Answer #20

rats are pretty cool but a hamster is the typical first pet other than a fish but fish are boring. also you could try a gerbil there kind of a cross between a hamster and a rat. they have fur but its not to fluffy its more like that of a short haired dog/cat but they have long tails. they mite sound ugly but there actually pretty cute. or you could get a small dog (chihuahua, boston terrier, pug, duxon, beagle, etc.,) boston terriers are adorable and theyre pretty small (10-25 lbs.) and they dont make to much noise besides barking but if you keep them happy your all set. hope I helped! : ) this is really cool its my new thing 4 a hug! (((you)))

Answer #21

A hampster would be a great first pet…Rabbits are bigger, and need exercise, I’d think…and a Ferret…well, they are darling, cute clowns…and active beyond words…if your parents wouldn’t appreciate a loud pet, I’m sure they wouldn’t at all appreciate a cute little Ferret rummaging around in their sock drawers…or hiding dad’s watch right when he’s getting ready for work.

Try a hampster or a guinea pig…both sweet, and “interact” very well.


Answer #22

My friend Has a Pet rat They dont stink much and they can be playful If you dont clean there cage out it will eventually start stinking they dont make much noise either so I suggest a rat

you could also get a pet snake as though dont need constant attention but make sure it stays in the tank with the lid on when you not holding it lol

And a white cat will not die from cancer they will die from skin cancer if they go out in the sun and just lay there for hours on end because they will get burnt but you can buy special animal sunscreen for them

Answer #23

A hampster is a good first pet. You will have to clean its cage about once a week for it not to smell and get some quiet toys for it to play with (my friends’ hampster has a wheel and it can be a little noisey at times!). The best part is, it will take less than $50 for all of the supplies you need to start out with, maybe less! Hampsters are cute and friendly most of the time, you should play with it before you take it home just to make sure… good luck!

Answer #24

A baby Land Iguana is a good choice. You can teach it to be gentle. They are actually quite cute despite popular belief. Just make sure you have the space to have one, they can grow up to 4 feet including tail! The life span for a well cared for iguana is about 20 years. Have fun :] If you need some name suggestions, I suggest Bradley Nowell (the singer from sublime), Ebin Augusten, or Ralph Riley.

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