Can financial aid really help pay for school supplies including gas and food?

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I'm getting financial aid soon, I'm about to go back to college. I will get $200 a week, my rent is $150 (including heating, electricity, water...) and I'm lucky because students get really good discounts in NZ, the bus is free where I am going and food is relatively cheap. I guess since I don't eat meat I won't be paying a lot on that so that's a plus haha! I'm not sure but I think I can survive on $50 a week lol. I'm not sure about where you are, but here in NZ, the financial aid for each student is different depending on parents income etc. I only have one parent alive and she's self employed and doesn't make top dollar so I'm entitled to more money than say, somebody with 2 parents working, or 2 parents where the dad is a successful business man or something lol.

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does it pay for gas as well?

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Well here, we get that lump sum, you spend it on whatever you need/want, there is no specific 'gas allowance' so if you spent all of your money on marshmallows you wouldn't have any gas money but if you wanted you could spend the whole amount on gas! and have nowhere to live haha if you get what I mean. Personally, I'm not taking my car down so I won't need gas (busses down there are free for students, there's nowhere really to go anyway too haha). But if I was taking my car, I don't think what I'm going to get would be enough for gas. Keeping in mind that parking will probably cost too.

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