Costs to open a financial aide office?

Just general information, like utilities, advertising, rent/mortgage, furniture, office supplies, vendings/merchandise, etc. Just stuff like that, because everytime I look it up on the internet I just get how financial aid helps with those things. Please help!

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I think you're going to have to do some independent research in order to get those figures. I really doubt that there's a formula, or that the numbers are sitting somewhere on the net...

Rent and utilties are going to vary even wihin your own town, depending on whether your office is going to be in an industrial area, down town, a commercial plaza, a mall, in a renovated old building... etc.

The last time I costed out a potential business idea it took me 6 months and a lot of hard work.

Start by calling a commercial real estate agent. But also, generalize your search... financial aid itself has little to do with the expenses to be incurred. It could be any type of business, to an extent.

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