Female Dog Humping People's Legs...

I know this is kind of odd… My cousin’s female dog has the habit of hopping on people’s legs and humping them. It’s quite embarrassing, and I’ve talked to her owners, but they just say “ah, just push her off, she always does that.” But just out of curiosity, why the hell would she be doing that? Her genitals don’t reach the leg to rub when she does it, so there isn’t any pleasure in it for her, I don’t get it… I’ve seen cows mount other cows too. Strange.

Answer #1

This is a dominance issue and your cousin’s dog is unhappy and confused about its place in her pack. Dogs live in packs with one alpha male and one alpha female. Dogs that are unsure about where they fall in their pack do this compulsivly. What can your cousin do to make this stop? Your cousin needs to become the alpha leader and teach the dog that people are higher up in the pack than the dog, it starts with food. When they feed the dog, make the dog work for it, make it sit and stay before getting the food. Take the food away in the middle of eating it, and make it sit and stay again, then return the food. Do this several times and make sure the dog is not a food biter, then other precauctions need to be taken first. They need to have a variety of people do this, and it needs to be done on a regular basis, everytime it eats in the beginning. Your cousin needs to take a firmer stand with their dog, alphas control the situation. This dog is confused as is acting out.

Answer #2

well my boyfriends parents have four dogs, and one is a girl and she is the oldest, and neutered, my boyfriends mother said in all the years she had the dog (Alice) She never done that until one year, she had a Christmas party and all of a sudden Alice just started humping everyone. Now she humps my boyfriends 7 year old brother all the time, when he bends over or something. lol its so weird.

Answer #3

I’ve never heard so many wrong answers in my life…

Yeah to silkashimmer…thank god you were here!! It’s a DOMINANT behavior…nothing…and I repeat…NOTHING else…I’d halt little miss doggie BEFORE she touch my leg…and let her know, that when it comes to me, I’ll be the alpha in our relationship.

Doesn’t anybody here watch the Dog Whisperer??


Answer #4

Don’t let her hump you! You are establishing a perment bad behavior! Stop her! Tell her no with a sharp, loud voice and push your dog away. If you keep doing this she will stop.

Good grief who is in charge here, the dog or the dog owner. The Alpha dog never lets anything hump on it. Train your dog. You are creating a preverted dog that no one will like! You will get fed up and want to get rid of a pet, that you ruined by letting it do things like humping you that it is not suppose to be doing.

Take your dog to the vet and have your Vet. consult with you on how to correct this behavior in a medical way.

This dominance thing! Why would you want to let your dog dominate you!

Answer #5

Hahaha…it’s a natural reaction used to show affection for animals like dogs. And just because her genitals are not touching or rubbing the leg, doesn’t mean she’s not getting pleasured by it…kind of gross to think about but it’s true. Same way for humans, isn’t it? For example, we get pleasure from dancing somewhat suggestively (or most people do) and yet no real sexual contact is needed, it’s only insinuated. Hey, it’s just something animals do. I must also comment, a cow mounting another cow? Where in the world do you live? Strange is right, I don’t even want to think about it.

Answer #6

I have a female poodle…I just got her but she is about a year old. I also have two other females and one male in the house but this new dog and the male are mine and stick around me mostly. she started some strange behavior…right after I brought her home she began to hump me but she doesnt do this to anyone else in the family. I think she does it to get my attention but im not so sure. she is mating with my male so I dont believe she is in lack of that…anyone have any ideas?

Answer #7

My female dog does this when she is coming out of heat. I do not let her and I even pin her to let her know that I am queen bee. She is persistent and tries to do it to my Children but all I have to do is look at her and she stops. It is important to establish dominance with any animal. In order to have a well trained and respectable addition to your home a dog or any other animal just like children need to know who is in charge. It helps them live a healthier and calmer life style.

Answer #8

I enjoy reading all this. Why can’t it just be a conversation piece, an ice breaker if you will. I know I’d laugh and let my guest know “She’ll stop when she’s done”.

Answer #9

It’s the dog’s way of establishing dominance. It does not matter whether its female or male. We humanize everything lololol My son thinks my pug is weird she humps the males but its her saying I am the boss. I have never allowed my dogs to hump me, I am the alpha shemale of the house!!!

Answer #10

it is a dominance behaviour, it is letting people know she is the dominant one. This behaviour has to be fixed, by saying a firm “NO” and pulling her away will fix this problem.

Answer #11

Sure it’s a female? Maybe the balls never dropped, it happened with my sister’s cat, you never know.

Answer #12

Dogs will hump anything sometimes and it isn’t always a sexual act..its a dominance thing. They wont do it if they know that you are dominant over her/him. Notice that she/he doesnt do it to everyone?

Answer #13

just give her a teady to hump then shed be happy

Answer #14

it is to show dominancy…basically she is saying I am the boss and this is my house, and this is my way of showing you this is mine.

Answer #15

My dog does that too!!! I researched it and I found out that she only does it because she is marking her territory. I know it sounds gross but she is only doing it to tell the other dogs that you belong to her…nobody else. it’s only natural.

Answer #16

Not to sketch you out even more, liluxo, but not only cows - female sheep and goats too, mount each other sometimes, so I was wondering, if with the dog it’s affection for the owner, what on earth is it with the cows and sheep… I doubt they’re really close and love each other, or are lesbians… haha… Nature should have an answer for that, I just wonder what it could be. And, um, I live in a pretty rural faraway part of the world but I doubt that’s why our cows hump each other :)

Answer #17

If someone says it’s always only dominance doesn’t mean that they are right, even if they are famous.

Animals (generally at least :-)) are not ashamed of their sexuality, and shows it in public in ways we might find surprising (or even impossible) since we are taught not to do like that.

Sometimes maybe it’s dominance, but why shouldn’t it also have a sexual dimension at the same time? After all humping is a pretty sexual motion. And why shouldn’t it sometimes be mainly about sex and love?

Some lesbian humans have the drive to hump their love, why should it be different with other animals than humans? I totally understand why these dogs might want to do like that :-)

Answer #18

I live on a farm, with plenty of Angus cattle and I have been told that when the female cattle usually mount another female cow.The cow that is getting mouting will soon go into heat. I have heard that from plenty of cattle owners. But when I got my female pit she was humping the two male pits…lol..

Answer #19

actually, you’re both wrong. It’s a dominance thing. There is no male, so she is being dominant. Male dogs hump other dogs (males too!) to show their dominance. In the absence of a male, females also do it.

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