What does it feel like to be high on drugs? Its like why they can't stop.

Answer #1

I remember reading a description about the feeling in one of the books I’ve read. The feeling is like being wrapped around in the warmest, softest blanket in the world and it’s all to you. You feel comfortable, you can forget about everything you can relax and just breathe. But after that, the blanket goes away and you’re left all alone to fend for yourself and the cold reality comes hammering down at you and that’s when you want more of it again.

Answer #2

so i’ve been through this, thankfully i did quit. but the feeling of being high makes you feel relaxed and feel as if nothing bad can happen (besides getting caught). You feel comfortable and happy, even if you were just feeling depressed 5 minutes before. some people don’t like it but some people do and they want to continue having that feeling.

Answer #3

No, addiction has less to do with liking the high, and more to do with avoiding the lows. Yes, it is an escape. That’s why people start down the addiction path. But then when you’re not high, your body and brain dont just go back to normal, they go down. I’ll try not to get too technical with you. But there’s certain chemicals that the brain produces. These keep us happy and normal and what not. Now, when you use drugs, the body is tricked into thinking that you’ve got too many of these chemicals. So it stops producing them. Now, what happens when you’ve no longer got the drug, and your body is no longer producing these chemicals? You feel really really bad. Not to mention, that as you’re taking these drugs, your body gets used to them. Which means that it needs more and more to feel that good. Remember, your body doesnt like all this artificial stuff. It’s used to functioning a certain way. So it tries to get back to that way. The increasing need is what you call tolerance. This pattern needing more to feel the same effect, as well as the physical dependence (some drugs your body actually stops functioning normally without them), and then the psychological dependence (believing you cannot surivive or function without the drugs), that’s what starts the cycle of addiction. Believe me, by the time people get to a really bad place, most of them hate the drugs, but they need them. It stops being about feeling good and it becomes about not feeling bad. In fact, in the majority of situations, when a person is not using to feel good but is using to stop the bad feelings, that’s when you know you’ve got a cycle of drug abuse.

Answer #4

It all depends on the substance, and the person, drugs effect everyone differently, a substance like cocaine or speed will make your heart race and you’ll feel pumped up and hyper. A substance like marijuana, depending on the type can produce different effects, a indica strain will cause you to be dopy and sluggish, but relaxed and just wanting to sit and relax, and a sativa strain will give you a body high and make you want to go and do stuff. A substance like mushrooms or LSD gives a feeling that is very difficult to describe, it can be anything from just thinking about everything a lot, you can get lost in a simple topic by just thinking of ALL the possibilities, you can also experience light to heavy hallucinations, anything from a shifted perspective, things seeming much brighter and more colourful. Psychedelics are an interesting drug, it really depends on the dose, the drug DMT, which is produced in almost every living thing, can produce an intense it feels like your in another dimension, very colourful and very intense, lasts about five minutes. Opiates have the “warmest, softest blanket feel.” Not all drugs are as addictive as the others, but it just comes from someone liking the feeling so much and wanting to avoid the come down they experience when the drugs are losing the effects, they just want more, to the point where they feel they need it. Opiates are the most addictive of the drugs I listed, and I would think psychedelics like mushrooms and LSD are the least addictive. Wether someone gets addicted has a lot to do with their personal will power, some people get addicted easier then others. With all this said, say no to drugs kiddies, not the best and most productive path to go on. Just say no!

Answer #5

well said. I had a very good friend of mine tell me, “I’ve gotta get off this s**t, it’s ruining everything in my life. If I go to sleep, I wake up thinking I’ve gotta get high so I can get things done today, then I get high and do nothing. So this is it, I’m getting clean. Right after I get one more fix.”

Two months after that his best friend over dosed with a needle in his arm. The hold some drugs can have on a person are unreal. I’ve had my rounds with it, thankfully I realize what’s going on before it gets to bad

Answer #6

idk bout other drugs, but i only do weed. some is better than other weeds. then you are flat-out baked, you feel cozy, the world is slowly moving up and down, everything is funny, and you enjoy it. then the hunger sets in lol.

Answer #7

My boyfriend and I smoke pot on occassion and im still super new to smoking it but its not the drug thats addicting its the feeling you get. and I know with pot and shroomsthat your experience changes everytime. With pot my experiences vary from me being super paranoid to so relaxed im almost asleep to haveing so much energy I could tire out a classroom of kindergardeners.

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