Lack of confidence and anxiety atttacks when playing squash

How to stop being nervous when playign squash knowing everyone is looking at u. I have past experiences of being bullied, name-calling of being “fake” a coward or afailure and “act cute’. partly because of my braces. But now even after I have removed my braces, people still glance at me and do weird mouth movements, probbably signalling to me that I look weird, or look wrong. How am I supposed to be my self, I’ve tried not being too self conscious, by thinkingof other stuff other tha people, But when I start playing the squash game, with people loooking at you through the glass door, I can feel my body becoming nervous and tense. In exam halls, I dont even dare to switch stationary, and my actions become very “fake” and HELP!!! im very pretty, and I still want to live it up!!!

Answer #1

Practice, Practice, until you are so good you don’t mind if people watch you, because you know the are thinking, “Wow she is really good”!

Answer #2

ok, I know what you are going through.cause I’m going through the same thing…I have to play DDR for gym class and only two are alowd up at hte same…so the rest of the class is watching me…so this is what I do and it for give it try atleast: calm your nerves by repeating this–: I’m not nervous-I’m excited!—During tense times your body releases the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline, which triggers a quivering voice and butterflies in your stomach. But this psychologist-approved trick helps you reframe a scary experience as exhilarating, so the adrenaline works for you…I hope it helps

Answer #3

sometimes it takes until you are 40 to realize that you have to laugh at yourself, which means just that…laugh at yourself and BE YOURSELF! don’t you think others are a little weird too??? you’re no different than they are! RELAX and HAVE FUN!!! you’re only young once! love who you are and who you’re with and NEVER take yourself too seriously! in other words, don’t always be making yourself out to be some moron that you’re not! other people and kids will try to make you think you’re different than them but you more than likely absolutely are not. try it and see. everything you learn to do well in life takes practice! that includes learning to be yourself - totally!

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