What is your favorite thing about this site, besides its obvious functions?

Answer #1

The diversity of the members and the gigantic database this place must have. There are over 200k questions on 10k pages.

Answer #2

I like the status updates page. It always seems to be full of the most bizarre questions and comments. It makes me laugh :D

Answer #3

i like the annoynomous-if you want- peice

Answer #4

I just simply like answering questions, it’s fun. :)

Answer #5

I love talking to the wonderful people on here. I love the status updates as well, you see a lot of amusing posts and I feel I am able to help more there.

Answer #6

Its cyber home. I feel like I can say and ask anything I like without being judged on. I love how everyone has a different way of answering questions and giving advice. Its nice to get a look at everyones views and opinions. Sometimes they make you see things in a different way. You can make great friends easily, you can help people with things, you dont ever have to feel shy about asking anything. And like others have said, theres always funny questions and comments that are amusing to read. Sometimes people on here can also say the smallest things which can make my day. Its little things like that, that make me love this website.

Answer #7

So many inquisitive and discerning and scrumptous minds tocaper with (Im just kidding)

Answer #8

or am i>:)

Answer #9

I just love how this environment is really helpful. People here actually care and help you by giving good advice! I love it here!

Answer #10

I like it because you can meet people from all over the world here. Everyone’s around and no matter what time you log on, there’s always someone on the board. And you can discuss everything, no matter what theme.

Fun Advice has all regions and all cultures. We have people from North America, many European countries, Australia, many Southeast Asian countries, several African countries…

I really like getting opinions on virtually everything from every place in the world. It is totally interesting to see how people have different opinions on world news, depending on their country and the news they listen to.

Answer #11

its a website

Answer #12

i like earning points and be popular in the community ^.^

Answer #13

i like it cuz its different its not like any other site out there. sure myspace, facebook, and twitter are popular but this site is more like a big family. i love hw i can post questions on my mind and i can get good advice on what to do without being judged. this site is in my faves.

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