Who besides me is NOT on Facebook, Twitter or any other site except this one?

I work 84 hours a week, and If I where on all those sites as well, I don’t think I’d get anything else done.

Answer #1

me! Woot,woot. :D

Answer #2

Amazing!! I thought I was the only one. True story: About 5 yrs ago I thought I was the only one with no cell phone, but now, I can’t be without it.

Answer #3

ME =)

Answer #4

Really? That’s two teens so far. I thought all of you (folks much younger than I, plus half the adults out there) where plugged in to everything and had phones the size of toasters. I must work too much and am getting out of touch.

Answer #5

me. I’m not on FB, because it eats souls.

Answer #6

And I don’t have a private mobile phone either. Just the one from my employer. So I could answer emergency calls if some important computer system blew up.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Not I…I see it with more potential for trouble then good….like Rotten sheep says….”It eats souls” and I’m a believer. Young people especially don’t realize. particularly if they live in America how employers rely on viewing information provided . I think I read somewhere 75% of established companies here, utilize it in determining candidates for hire. And except for Germany, they are not obliged to tell you anything found derogitory. The service companies they use specialize in knowing how to get past the so called security. “Security” is breached every day…but the word gives them that false sense of “it’s safe”.

Answer #9

I’m not as alone as I thought I was. Have you been in the sun?

Answer #10

That is a very good point. I have heard such but forgot all about it.

Answer #11

i love this site x

Answer #12

An alliance is being formed.

Answer #13

i heard that(“ it eats souls”) but than zule mother**er zule brainwashed me

Answer #14

Im only on this site. And hotmail. That’s it.

Answer #15

The sun? There’s a sun-solaris computer in a data-center that I look after. Or do you mean that other sun? That light-emitting star that the rock on thats surface we live upon revolves around. Uh… actually I have seen it once or twice this year. I even got tan on my vacations in Norway…

Answer #16

I really don’t like how it makes you transparent. This site is mostly anonymous. I guess that someone who knew me really well in real life could, if they looked, find out that this is my account and that it is related to me, if they also made an account and logged in here. But I do not actually think that any employer or government office or anyone else I don’t want to sniff through my private life could connect this account to me. I also refuse to put pics of my children online anywhere. And I do not have many of myself. Especially not drunk-party pictures, costume party-pictures or any other thing that I would not want complete strangers to see. Though I can assure you that such pictures of me exist.

Answer #17

my mobile is actually a TINY bit larger than a credit card! =) it’s REALLY small =D

Answer #18

my mobile is actually a TINY bit larger than a credit card! =) it’s REALLY small =D

Answer #19

Well that would be interesting to see!!! Hey, who doesen’t like drunk party pics.

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