How too lose weigt really quick

How too lose weigt really quick without surgery or pills!

Answer #1

Water if you Drink 8cups of water for to days without Eating to much Salt You can Loose up to 5 pounds in TWO DAYS.But you should just be HAPPY WITH YOURSELF YOUR BLESSED!!

Answer #2

weight loss does NOT happen fast it happens GRADUALLY and it can take months to loose weight and see results not hours, not days, not weeks…MONTHS healthy eating and regular exercise is the only right way to loose weight anything else will either damage your health make you gain all the weight back and then some or do both and first you need to see a doctor and get your bmi (body mass index) calculated for your height and age he/she will tell you what weight range your in and how much you need to loose/gain if your not in the healthy weight range see a doctor first because you may not need to loose any weight

Answer #3

get involved in sometjing I find intresting that is physical and gets you a good work out( dance, boxing , ext. ) also challenge yourself do a set number of cruches or pullups or whatever then try and raise it nest week, you have to have determination and commitment to loose wait, the 3 week hump if you van make it 3 weeks you can suceed, believe in youself and DONT GIVE UP

Answer #4

get off the couch and put down the chips…?

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