What is a fast food place you avoid?

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None of them. I love all foods. Fat foods, Fat free foods, Ehh they're all the same:DD

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Burger King, ew.

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all of them ugh

Whats your favourite fast food ?
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Mcdonalds & subway. Ew.

Opinions on Fast food?

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What's the best fast food restauraunt?
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Mcdonalds, Wendy's, Ryans, and Dominos, and Burger King.

Fasting what does that mean?

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Burger King and Taco Bell XP

How do they make the processed chicken at fast food places?
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kfc is nasty popeyes is dank

What are some fast easy and healthy foods for breakfast and lunch?

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so all

How do you avoid "The Munchies"?
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Mcdonalds is gross.

Is Sonic another fast food restaurant like McDonald's?
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fast food is the worst thing ever i personally ate eating the stuff . but must admit at time i really do just because i don't have the time for real food.

What food is better and healthier - the food sold in the food cart on the streets, or the food sold in fast food restaurants?
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Burger King, it's not even yummy fast food.

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