How has fast food failed consumers?

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thats a really easy Q to ask it kills use and it makes us pay way to much its like your payin over priced poision and the thing is we all volenteer to be slowly killed by it

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It's basically fat and sugar, and filling - and much cheaper than healthy foods. In my opinion it's right up there with lottery tickets - a way to exploit the poor.

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My answer was badly worded! Sorry, when I said filling, I meant, it makes your feel full... lol.

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I think it's encouraging us to be lazy and unhealthy. Sure our health is our choice and we can only blame being unhealthy on ourselves but we're only human, of course we're going to choose the easier, quicker option over spending time and effort preparing a healthier one.

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at least u wer able to explain the pros n cons of fast fuds better then me lol

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When the concept was first being concieved and put into action in the 1950's, It was a wonderful thing for consumers and the entrepreneur's. Now with the increase in population and busier lifestyle's, (and profit motivatoin taking a front seat) processed foods are the norm which makes it much more unhealthy now than in the early days.

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