Eyes tear when i give head

Almost every time except once or twice when giving head to my boyfriend, my eyes tear. and it looks like im crying and it freaks my boyfriend out and turns off the mood for both of us cause he feels bad. I really can't control it though and it's not like it's my first time giving head, although he is the first guy I've ever given it to. his penis is a good size, not huge, but not small. I dont want this to happen anymore cause it really makes me feel unattractive when im trying to be sexy.

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I deep throat but I dont really have a gag reflex so its fine . but sometimes my eyes also water, but not very bad . but with you its probably different . thats probably all it is . let him know its just a reflex , not like your crying lol or just dont look at him aha

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you can try to rub some oral gel on the back of your throat, and see if it helps numb the back of your throat, or go to the sex store, im sure they have some type of deep throating ointment for the throat. Oh try to relax your throat, I know this is nasty lol but stick your toothbrush back there not with the brush end, the other end, and relax your throat and see how far you can go without gagging.

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did you ever have this problem too? it just sucks cause I really don't mind deep throating, but apparently I can't take it. is there anything I can do to have less of a reflex?

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Yeah, it's just a reflex you can't really control the watering... maybe it'll help if you tell him you're eyes water because of that. :)

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well I don't mind deep throating, but I think that usually is what will make my eyes tear. and I will gag a little, but will my eyes tear every time?

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Do you ever start gagging and your eyes water?
That's probably what's happening...

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yeahh thats happend to me before i try to hide it n my man or "partner" doesnt really notice. dont worry if u keep goin maybe he wont notice.

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You might be scared while you doing that or is that is your wrong of being intimate to your partner. hehe

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The linked question/answer on yahoo is about eyes watering while yawning, because the process is similar to how eyes water when giving head. Tears come from what's called lacrimal glands that are always secreting small amounts of tears via tear ducts to keep your eyes moist. A combination of keeping your mouth open and fighting your gag reflex causes the muscles around lacrimal sacs to constrict, which then causes the tears in the sacs to overflow (similar to what happens when you yawn). For clarification, you should go to the link to get a more detailed explanation of how the crying/eye watering process works.

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Also, if you naturally secret a lot of tears (i.e. if your eyes tend to water a lot), it can be hard to stop the process. I agree with LIKE in some ways; you should explain it to him and practice with a toothbrush (it really works, if you do it regularly you'll eventually start to override your gag reflex). However, the oragel trick might result in you vomiting because you would not be able to feel when you're gagging. Your eyes would still water because the muscles are still contracting, but you wouldn't be able to control the reflex.

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