When i have sex with my boyfriend my eyes start tearing up is that normal?

my eyes start to tear up like im crying but im not does that happen to a lot of people or is that just me.?

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Girl maybe you feel he is abusing you. with his good ...nah joking maybe it feels so good emotionally & you express it like that, but it may not be anything to worry about unless you are not telling the other half...

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Its normal for you -- I suppose. Maybe you can tell your boyfriend that it doesn't mean anything. Your enjoying that act of love that you too are having and that the tears most likely signify the joy of it all. If thats the problem, if the problem is with you then I really don't know what I can say. Its something internal that I have no knowledge of. I wouldn't worry so much about it though, so long as your enjoying the act then the tears can flow at as long as they want too.

If you are in pain then its best to tell him, crying isn't going to work in your case. Since the tears flow out naturally anyway. Communication please its necessary for you.

Hope this helps.

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Well I think you need to explain your question a little better. Are they tears of joy or tears of pain?

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Maybe you are right and I have to call myself a girl and relax too. Diversity should be present, this is the whole point of the relationship.

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