Environmental Survey

Suppose you have discovered an excellent new technique for keeping dryland soils moist and fertile. How would you get your message to subsistence farmers?

Answer #1

Give out free samples, advertise, see if you can get some funding from a corporation. or sell the idea to a corporation like miracle grow.

Answer #2

If you could actually do that I would pick up the local news station. I am sure they would love to be the first to report on such a thing.

Answer #3

heyyy I was gon say that!!! you beat me 2 it. well da 1st part

Answer #4

If farmers in your part of the world are like my neighbours then they won’t like being the first to try something new or feel like they’ve been left behind on a good idea.

To get round the paradox first get your idea verified by an independent source eg a college or research organisation. Then write up the results for a farming focused newspaper or magasine. The subsistence farmer might not see it but it gives you something you can quote that’ll help you persuade farmers that your idea is a good one.

To help get the message out why not tell the contractors. Those guys go round all the farms large and small and they like something to chat about. All the better if your technique is something that contractors can play a part in.

Subsistence farmers won’t have much money so advertise in the free papers. If you can go to farmers markets, community halls and all the places farmers go, see if you can arrange a short talk to the congregation in rural churches, your bound to reach many farmers and people related to them that way.

Good luck & best wishes

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