environmental report.

I need a current events report on the environment… its due tomoro… I love to write but I don’t know what to do… can someone please help me… I really want to write it but I don’t know how to come about it… I only need one paragraph but I don’t know how to write it.. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE SOO MUCH <3

Answer #1

you know it’s 13 days after your report was due. I don’t know what happened, but I can tell you procrastination is not the way to handle reports or life.

And come on, I can write a paragraph about anything in a short time. If I don’t know the topic, I can do research for a couple of hours and in less than 10 minutes write one paragraph.

If I am preparing a doctoral thesis it’s going to take a while. A paragraph?

Grab onto life, or it will just pass you by.

Answer #2

Or how about the report on Puffins. This lady spent over a year recording puffins and how global warming was killing them. She only got 14 min. of film for her documentry she submitted to national Geographic. It wasnt that 14 minutes was all that she needed but it was all that she could get because it was so cold her equipment wouldnt work. I swear to God the newspaper used this to show how bad Global warming is. I am sorry but when you are complaining of one half of one degree over the span of 100 years its hard to take that seriously. Especially when climate change has been proven to shift back and forth for the past 100 billion years. But for the sake of education I had to pretend that I believed that man was evil for causing this one half of one degree difference all for a good grade. I feel so… so dirty.

Answer #3

You could write about global warming

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