Why does my engine light keep coming on in my Ford Focus?

Answer #1

Take it into a shop where they can test it - theres so many things that can cause the check engine light to come on and some dont even have anything to do with the engine…mines been on in my car for years but nothing is wrong with my car except for a bad censor causing the light to stay on.

Answer #2

Not good….get it into the shop right away and quit driving it.

Answer #3

Take it to Auto Zone and they can use the diagnostic tool… they plug it in to your computer and it will give you a code… they look up the code and tell you what’s wrong with your car. Have you had a tune up, oil change, etc? I’m pretty sure Auto Zone does the diagnosis for free. :)

Answer #4

**plug it in to your car, not computer Lol…

Answer #5

Just had an oil change. It goes on and off. Think it is a sensor since it seems to drive fine. Jiffy lube said I needed a new air filter. hmmmm.

Answer #6

Well, that’s good… air filters don’t cost much. Have you looked at it? I didn’t change mine for so long, it was almost black lol..

Answer #7

yeah, they plug in a diagnostic machine into your car and it’ll tell exactly what the problem is.

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