Was Edward Furlong on drugs during American History X?

was edward furlong on drugs during american history x?

Answer #1

nah shes just one of dos people who want to sound important and after they get proven wrong they dont want to give up for an embarassment reason lol after midnight just came on I love this song lol random ^.^

Answer #2

kiasu, I was born in Germany and currently live in that country. I’m well aware of the history behind the swastika and the restrictions on its use in Europe. And I can assure you that it is also a very offensive symbol in the US. A lot of Americans died fighting the Nazis too.

If you do a little research on the poster, you’ll see that she is a big fan of the actor and the movie, which is why she probably used the American History X movie cover. The movie itself does not promote the Neo-Nazi movement or condone white supremacy in any way.

I seriously doubt the poster is a Neo-Nazi, and I think you’re overreacting, to be perfectly blunt.

Answer #3

Well, one could just as easily find the Union Jack offensive. Many people find British imperialism and aggression repugnant as well, and it’s repulsive to me that a Union Jack is a suitable replacement as an icon. Where does that leave us?

The reason I keep bringing up the movie issue is because this is the cover of a movie, nothing more. The symbol is on the cover of a movie, because the movie is about Neo-Nazis. It’s as simple as that. You’re making something out of nothing.

Answer #4

Hi mjax1979 , I appreciate that this may be a movie cover but many people find this actual symbol used by the Nazi’s very offensive. It was originally used many years previously as a religious symbol (although reversed) out in Asia I believe.

Hence, in Germany and some other European countries, it is actually an offense to sell any items with this symbol on.

Even E Bay have banned the sell of any items in Europe that carry this symbol so as not to offend anyone.

I live in Britain but maybe in the USA this symbol is not seen as so offensive.

nirvana12 is using this symbol as her permanant user ID pic and not just for this post.

I find it offensive and hard to understand how anyone who knew what this represents (and the millions of innocent people murdered in the name of this symbol and Adolf Hitler) would want to use it as a user ID pic.

It sickens me.


Answer #5

As I said, the movie is irrelevant.

The user had a swastika as their profile pic. Irrelevant whether this was from a book, a movie cover, a photo etc…

You keep saying it is just a symbol from the cover of a movie, nothing more. I beg to differ that this symbol means a LOT more to many people. Not generally good things though.

The swastika symbol is repugnant and offensive to many people.

If, as you claim, you find the union jack repulsive, I respect your right to feel that and I suggest that you take it up with this member as did I regarding the swastika.

It appears that you are unable to respect my opinion as I requested when I said that I find the swastika symbol offensive.

You are clearly an intelligent person and would therefore have expected you to understand that one can respect anothers view or opinion without agreeing with it.

Answer #6

Just wanted to say that I personally find your user pic offensive.

Just my personal opinion though.

Answer #7

I have not said that nirvana12 is a neo-nazi mjax1979, I said that I find this symbol offensive.

Regarding my reply to nirvana12, in summary I said:

‘I find it hard to understand how anyone who knew what this represents would want to use it as a user ID pic.’ I don’t see where you feel I was implying that the nirvana12 is a Neo Nazi as I dont believe this to be the case.

The fact that it is on a ‘movie poster’ which shows up the swasticka on a black background makes no difference to the image being used as a profile.

I also have a good understanding of the history of Germany having a German wife for 15 years and having lived and worked in Germany.

My wife had a relative who was sent to a nazi concentration camp because they refused to join the Nazi party which is represented by this image.

You keep harking back to the movie which is irrelevant to my comments. I said that I find this IMAGE offensive and stand by this.

I respect your right to your opinion that you feel I am over reacting and I would ask that you respect my right when I say that I find this image offensive and repugnant.

Anyway, it looks like nirvana12 has now changed the image now.

Answer #8

kiasu, American History X is actually the name of a film, and a really good one. It’s about two brothers who get involved with the Neo-Nazis, and their reasons and consequences for doing so. I think she’s just posting one of the movie covers, not advocating the skinhead cause.

nirvana12, it’s possible but unlikely. He was going through drug problems then, but that doesn’t mean he was high during the actual filming.

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