How to find someone to sponsor my education?

how can I find anyone in you S A TO SPONNSOR MY EDUCATION?

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Here in the US, the universities have scholarship programs for good students. Are you looking to study in the US or Malawi? If there are universities in Malawi, start there and see if they have any partnerships or programs with schools in the US to get you a scholarship.

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i dont have at the moment

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hi am a kenya citezen 29 years i have bachalors of business adiministration which i attained first class upper division in 2006 i joined masters in 2010 sep but the person who was sponsoring me die please i need your help.

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Hey my name is namaato Joan from Uganda I lost my mum and Dad does care about us because we are many children he abandoned us I had to get married to a man to help my sisters at the age of 15 I thank God that this man gave me an opportunity to study to up to senior five where he died from an accident now my life ended because all my life was based on my studies now the person who used to take care of me passed on who is going to help me am here requesting for help to everyone who can help me complete my studies I don't care even if I don't get something to eat so long as I study and finish so that I can help my siblings too any help please call on +265 703013604 may God bless you all

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Hello my name is olivier Twizeyimana from RWANDA In 2016 year I was select to study Rwanda University in Automobile technology Advanced Diploma, but I was not go to study because no one help me and I losse chance to study aboard in Chane . then in 2017 I ma apply again this time I'm selected to study University of Rwanda but now I'm hopeless to go school because no money Please I NEED HELP even only school fees. Email:
Tel: 0784010871

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Hi my name is Mujuni Marvin from Uganda please i need some assistance from you guyzto help me to push up with my studies so as i can escalate on my future financial status please!!! please!!! Email me on
Tel: +256703602048 Thanks May God bless Ya`ll

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Hello, my name is Alphine Omedi, Kenyan citizen, 24yrs old, I was discontinued when I was almost done with my course due to fees problem, am a partial orphan with a jobless dad who can't raise my school fees, someone help me please. 0706067368 is my number

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In my perfect world, you will sponsor your education and not ask for help. But we live in reality and I can help you, but not with funding. Study hard, write a lot and use a plagiarism checker at Paperleaf. Believe me, it will help you more than any Kickstarter or a GoFundMe. I honestly hope that you will take care of yourself.

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