Is being able to edit other people's How To's a good idea?

I just edited one myself, because someone had gone in and written “This is gay” at the end of it. Wouldn’t it be better to have it so that just the author or maybe admins can edit it, and if you think something can be changed message them?

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Well, we do have a tool to deal with problems like that…but I agree…I think it’s treading in dangerous waters.

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Yeah… I think I’m going to save my How To on my computer, that’s the only copy I have actually written out of it and I would prefer it not be tampered with.

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Idiots that have nothing better to do, than offer negative comments should have an “ignore” button. But unfortunately unlike FB, they don’t….but don;t worry, we don’t read their stupidity anyway. Most people keep scrolling to the good comments and your opinions are NOT Gay. Keep giving your opinions, we like to hear them! That’s why we are all here!

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But these aren’t comments. Someone could basically wreck an entire How To for no reason.

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Yhea, you’re right, only the author and the admins should be able to change their how tos

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I want to writ a how to but I’m to lazy and im not wise enough, to come up with something, hmm… How to..m lose a guy in 10 days! Wait that ones been done

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I had no idea that was possible. I thought others could only comment on your how to…not actually go in and edit it. I absolutely think that only the author, and admins should be able to edit how to’s. I know I wouldn’t like it very well if someone altered my how to, that I took the time to write.

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Is there anything going to be done about this? I am sure this is soon going to get out of hand, seeing as more and more people will realize this is possible…and start doing it. Might as well stop it, before it gets out of control, and the admins have to go clean up a bunch of how to’s.

Answer #11

would have been safer to have pm the problem rarther than let mischief makers know about it in an open question.

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Meh, it was more of a discussion thing to see what other people had to say on the subject. People would find out anyways, so now it’s sooner rather than later.

Answer #13

So…this has been a minor issue, eg, there’s been less than a few cases of vandalism (compared to questions, an accomplishment).

We’re working on making it better :) Should be next week, if all goes well.

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