How can we encourage people to ask more questions?

One of the biggest issues we’ve ever had with FunAdvice is getting people to ask more questions :) For example: for every question we get on the site, we get 5 answers. From what we’ve seen, people love to answer questions, but they don’t love to ask them.

So, if we could increase the number of questions (good ones) that people ask, our site would grow faster, and in turn, we’d be able to spend more money on more help to build more fun stuff on the site, which in turn would make it more fun for everybody.

Thus, the question: how do we encourage more questions, activity, and participation?

Answer #1

To encorage people tp ask more questions, people have to stop cutting them down when they do now.

Answer #2

Not sure how to do it but get on the major search engines on the net where when someone enters a query using ‘advice’, ‘question’, ‘make friends’ - it would pick up on those key words where would be automaticly listed on the search result page - just an idea.

Answer #3

Several ways in my opinion:

1-Have a question of the week,month,year ( that allow the winner to enjoy some kind of priiledges for a week,a month,a year

2 use several search engine,metasearch,international serach engine in English,australian,japanese,british,german,deutch,middle-eastern,african,indian.

Answer #4

hmm…what about a word of the day? Lets say you chose the word “boyfriend” Now everyone ask as many questions about boyfriends. Questions: How do I get a boyfriend, why would my boyfriend be upset if I don’t call etc. etc. Word of the day “drugs” Questions: What drug can make my hair grow, what drug is used to improve memory etc.etc . Word of the day “snow” Why are two snowflakes never alike, Why is snow white etc. etc. It might work? Sue

Answer #5

Maybe you could have a contest on who can stump the advisers?

The Great Stump: Can you make the advisers at FunAdvice (c) scratch their heads? We’d like to see you try!

Just a thought :)

Answer #6

Great question and I agree , we need Helpful and some fun questions , not the same ones like ‘ Am I pretty ‘ ? Those get old and are not helpful to anyone – I’d like to see more questions where we can think about our answers in hopes to help someone

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