How did Edgar Allan Poe die?

I know is a mistery, but what do you think about it, how do you think he died tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

It’s not a mystery. After his wife died he became extremely depressed and stopped taking care of himself. He got sick soon after, and died at the age of 40. It says so in his biography.

Answer #2

Actually it is true that no one is sure of how he had died. He was sick after the death of his wife but the cause of his death is unknown. Before he had died he was delirious and taken to a hospital and while there he was never coherent enough to explain to doctors what was the cause of his delirium then he died the day after being admitted.

Answer #3

They found him in the streets of Bailtimore, wearing someone elses clothes, and completely unconsious. When he woke up, he was delirious and eventually got worse from there… If I had to guess…He got drunk, a lot. And his mind was already a torture machine…I feel like the man just finally exploded. All of the women he had in his life, passed away…He was lonely, dark, and saddened.

Answer #4

I think he also had a problem with opium or some kind of hard substance. All substances were legal during that time.

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