where to get a book with the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe?

is there anywhere I can get a book with the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe?

Answer #1

Just so you know, it’s Edgar Allan Poe. Not Allen.

Answer #2

ah, Edgar Allen Poe, definatley a good choice. not sure abut where to get, I’d try some internet sites. I just say Poe so I had to see what the question was. he has a lot of good work and if you know his life story behind everything, it just blows your mind.

Answer #3

Wooop I love poe! you can get a lot of his works at barns and noble. Or for references you can check out his books at the Public library.

Answer #4

try Half Price Books, if there is one where you live. You should be able to find it ad a big book store in the classic lit section. (I think)

Answer #5

oh my he’s a depressing poet.

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