Do i have an eating disorder?

My parents have been going on lately about how I have an eatin disorder. It's got to the point where we have arguements and they watch me eat really closely. I don't think I do. I've always been skinny so I can't see it myself. I don't like food, it kinda repulses me how the digestive system works but I've always been like that. I can't eat all the food on my plate, I've tried, I just can't. I also get full up really quickly and if I eat anymore I feel sick, I've never made myself sick though. So what are other people's views??

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I don't think you have a eating disorder, just a fast metabolism and a small appetite, nothing wrong with that.

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Parents tend to worry too much about things that may seem ridiculous to you, but just remember that their concern for you is only because they love you.

Are they basing their assumptions solely on the fact that you are thin and don't eat much? It seems to me, they could use a little information to help dissuade their concerns.

An eating disorder never has only two symptoms (in your case, eating little and being thin). It's a psychological disorder - not a physical one (though it does manifest physically).

Here's a link to a page that may help your parents overcome their concerns ... it lists the symptoms of an eating disorder. Hopefully it can help your parents alleviate their concerns (or show you that you *do* have an ED, if you haven't shared all the facts with us).

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Just tell them what you said on here and they should understand

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