What's an easy way to get happy fast?

It seems like especially right now things aren’t looking so bright but I dont want to walk around like a zombie. Is there any quick ways to get happy that anyone knows about, even if it’s just a distraction for a few hours?

Answer #1

win loads of money,now that would make me very happy…lol

Answer #2

Quick fixes are rarely the best idea, a good diet and health is really the basics for keeping you happy, it should certainly stop you feeling like a zombie. Oh and get an xbox! :D

Answer #3

for me ,it is drinking

Answer #4

well, it depends on how much youre against illegal doings…. dr*gs can help fast, but they can get expensive, ARE illegal, and dont last as long as you want them to, EVER, and sometimes leave you feeling worse off (or so i hear… i would NEVER (lol) do such a horrible illegal thing in my life…. lol)

Answer #5

Spending time with the ones you love the most- always cheers me up

Answer #6

friends going out family school talking to people

money would be nice if it was realistic lmao

Answer #7

Get your closest friends together and then go do something really silly! Like have a slurpy drinking contest. This is a great one because you’ll all be trying to drink it fast, but you’re scared of getting a brain freeze, which is also real funny.

Or you could do some yoga or whichever kind of exercise you prefer. Exercising gives you energy and gets rid of that depressing “drained” feeling.

Answer #8

get ur dad to give yu 500 & go Shopping, shiiet that wuld put a preti big smile on ma face. Mari Jane. Tequilah. Music. Drawing.( jus a distraction) Do urself a manicure/pedicure. go hang with cher “Friends” ( Cousins Are better cuz they the people that never let yhu down & got cher baq ) PLay around with ur makeup and see if u can come up with something new for urself. Eat Icecream. just be like w/e & do w/e u want.

have fun.

Answer #9

Dr.ugs do not make you happy. They can distract you (hallucinogens are good for this). They can help you feel nothing. They can give you lots of energy. But they cannot make you happy. If there was a happy pill, we’d all be taking it.

Answer #10

Exercise and a good diet are helpful for a long term thing. In the short term, it just depends on the person. Some people like to go to the beach, or a park, or the zoo, or out with friends, or listen to music, or write (trying writing, it may not be a quick fix but with most of the teens I’ve worked with who would write, they felt better), or keep yourself busy with a project. It doesnt matter what. Doing something for someone else is especially uplifting. Try it. Once I spent hours packaging sweets for my class mates for easter. It was fun watching everyone be surprised the next day. It doesnt have to be extravagant though.

Answer #11

i know something that you could do that has a happy ending ;)


Answer #12

Start saying out loud things you are grateful for.

Answer #13

Well the one person I love and want to spend time with is mad at me because we’re almost always fighting but thanks.

Answer #14

Ohh well I’m broke anyways :/…..

Answer #15

Xbox’s are dumb….I hate that it seems like my whole family is obsessed with it. And I just wanted a quick happy fix cuz I’m in a bad mood. A good diet would take awhile to work. But thanks.

Answer #16

I like this idea…:)

Answer #17

LOL… Unfortunately I’m still broke and the one person I would do it with isn’t home :/…and isn’t talking to me.

Answer #18

I dont have time for long term….and I have no way to go any where…even though the park and beach would be fun. Music isn’t helping, and I’m not a good writer unless I’m in the mood. And I got bored with my project. But thanks for all the great ideas.

Answer #19

I’m out of Mary Jane, tequilah doesnt so anything for me, music isn’t halping, I can’t even drae stick figures, I can’t do nails worth a damn, my cousins live in AZ and my friends are busy. Makeup is too much work, ice cream is fattening, fun isn’t an option. PS my dad is in the hospital and we dont have any money :/

Answer #20

I wish I knew some yoga and all my friends are busy, but I think I’ll try that excericise idea. Thank Yew

Answer #21

All of which dont have time for me. Thanks anyways

Answer #22

I am a depressed drinker

Answer #23

LOL thant’d be great!

Answer #24

o daem.. u sound depressed, try running, usualy what helps me is to just run outside like near around midnight, but idk, if u were to do that u’d have to be careful, kno what im sayin ? but chea, the weather around this time is pretty relaxing.

Answer #25

It’s freezing around here…lolsz. but I’ll be fine. Thanks.

Answer #26

then fix that u dont want to keep that going make amends and say sorry.. weather u have to be the bigger person or not

and i doubt thats the ONLY person u love

Answer #27

You dont have time for long term? Precisely where do you think you’re going. You’re kinda stuck with long term. Might as well deal with it. And you dont have to be a good writer. No one is going to see what you’re writing. But I do realize this is pointless. You’re one of those who is going to go, but… not matter what anyone says. So here’s the deal, alright fine, you’re right, you’re doomed, nothing will make you happy. Now what? Exactly what do you have left? Stop arguing with us and go figure it out for yourself. You’re not asking for advice. You’re upset and sad, and you want us to make it better. We cant. Only you can.

Answer #28

Nothing would make you bloody happy! You’re gonna have to live with ur grumpy self ent ya

Answer #29

To an extent anymore he kinda is….. And honestly when it comes to fights between the two of us “sorry” doesnt cut it.

Answer #30

No I’m happy…now…. Thanks

Answer #31

Thanks? I made it better with the advice from the person who gave it at the very top…. so I’m prettyy sure advice did help?? But great job at making me feel super tiny.

Answer #32

But we’re good now and will be for awhile. thanksz.

Answer #33

Not my intention. I just see it a lot. No matter what anyone says, you’re going to have some sort of excuse as to why it cannot be done. Sometimes people get stuck in sadness and you cant see a way out. You’re even arguing with the first person who gave you advice. Just pointing out that maybe the reason you’re stuck in misery is because instead of figuring out ways to deal with it, you’re making excuses as to why it can’t be done. Do I expect you to actually listen, and think about this instead of getting defensive, no, not really. But maybe one day it will penetrate.

Answer #34

well, sorry bout the broke thing, but i guess in the world we live in, very few people are every TRULY happy, ya know? i mean, there is always some under lying source for irritation or life-discomfort. i guess we just all kind of adapt to new reasons for unhappy, and then once things arent quite as bad as what they were, people assume we are happy… IDK… ihave too much time on my hands right now, and could go on with a deep and thoughtfilled answer, but i am going to stop now… LOL i wish you luck with the happiness help!!!

Answer #35

Count your blessings, even if you have to write them down in a gratitude journal. :)

The doors of prosperity and abundance are opened up when you open your eyes and heart to all of the good you have to be thankful for.

Answer #36

Wow I really like that thought…the one that yew thought was too deep. I think I can agree with it and it’s fairly nice way of looking at things.

Answer #37

I’ll try thinking of the good rather than the bad. everyone has heard that advice but it’s not a bad idea.

Answer #38

Well I appreciate the…I’m not sure what to call it. To be honest with you I’m not the wierd depressed chick sitting in a corner eating my hair…And I’m not the overly bitch chick who everyone hates because she hates her life so much she takes it out on others. I’m honestly listening to these things people say. Well the ones that are gonna help me not make me feel worse…which is what some of the things you’ve said to me has done…but thats okay. I appreciate your opinion on my negative outlook but its not right. It’d be cool if we actually met in person though because I like independent thinkers..their fun to talk with. BTW I’m sure you do see it a lot because this world is not much fun so it’s easier for a lot of people to hide in depression.

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