What is an easy way to cure horrible dog breathe?

My new dog has horrible breath, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

They have these small green colored bones at Wal-Mart that are supposed to cure bad breath. They are minty or something. I have given them to our other dog before, and she ate them. However, my new dog doesn't like bones. The lady I got her from told me she had given her a bone before, but she didn't chew on it, she only licked it a couple of times, and that's it. So, I don't think it would be a good idea to get a whole bag of the expensive bones, if she won't even eat them.

What are some home remedies, or something I could try for her horrible breath?
By the way, she isn't a puppy, so it's not just puppy breath.

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You can get doggy breath mints ^-^ ...with my dog they don't get rid of it but just make it more bearable lol =D

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Parsley leaves. They work for humans and animals. If he wont eat them straight, mix them in with his dog food. It works every time and it's a natural cure for bad breath. You should also be brushing your dogs teeth occasionaly to help with bad breath and with their gums.

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Also because he will eat anything he thinks we'll eat, we pretend to drop it on the floor and panic and he gobbles it up quickly lol ^-^

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I want to brush my dog's teeth, but she won't let me. She won't even let me wash the gooey stuff from her eyes off her face. :[

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Aw same, my mum ends up gently but firmly holding his head in place Dx

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Theres this like clear dog drink you put in their water and when they drink their water its gonna be in their so it like takes their nasty breathe away haha. wanna know what its called? i can find out

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Your going to have to get someone to help you then. It also helps if you can find a better flavored doggie toothpaste (usually petco and other pet supply stores sell them) that way they enjoy getting it done.

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Sure, is it cheap, and where can I get it?

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You don't give a dog candy.

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i was just kidding....but dogs do luv treats........the best way to lessen the smell.....you have to watch what you feed him.....

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Bad breath can be a sign of tooth decay or other problems. If its really bad you should have her checked by a vet. Giving her a bone to chew on might help as it helps to remove tartar.

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Im sure you can get it from like the 99 cent store or walmart, i dont know how much it costs though my cousin got it for her dog. its called inobys perfirst. its new and it gives fresher breath cleaner teeth and healthy gums

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i mean inobys Petfirst*

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This is a serious question, and I would like serious answers. If you had nothing helpful to say, you shouldn't have posted.

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sorry, but the best way to get rid of stinky breath is by brushing ur dogs teeth twice a day, then read up what you are feeding you dog. ur dog either has to much gas built up due to a reaction of the food that he is eating.

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feed it polos

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