What is the easiest way to get wallpaper off your walls and what things would you use?

Answer #1

I know there are a few steps…but this is how I learned to do it!(my dad was a painter once upon a time…here are some of his old tricks) First what you want to do is prep the area…

  1. I would move the furniture to the middle of the room & cover your furniture with some clothes. Then lay some clothes on the floors as well. You will need some stuff like a scrapper, sand paper, wall paper remover, a big sponge and a bucket of water with some TSP solution. * First off, try to scrape anywhere on the wall to see how stuck on the wallpaper is. If it is really bad & really hard to pull off then you need to find another way. Next, I would begin using a spray wall paper remover. Goes on easier less mess & will release the paper better! What you want to do is spray the entire wall really well til it is soaked with the wall paper sprayer & give it a little time to soak in. Now, use the scrapper to begin peeling off the wall paper. It should be pulled at a 45 angle slowly. Every now & then you are going to get into a stubborn area that just wont come off the wall..try some sand paper to remove the unwanted left overs. Once you have removed all the wall paper, sponge off any access glue from the walls using the TSP solution with water. This will give you a smooth surface to work with again if you wish to put up new wall paper. Here is a tip…if you want to paint over it, I would suggest using sand paper over the wall just to make sure the glue is really all gone so you dont hv any mess ups when painting afterwards.

Hope this helps.

Answer #2

softener is good.

Answer #3

Cool thx sweetie

Answer #4

Wat do u mean by softener?

Answer #5

np sweetie…hope it helps.

Answer #7

I put water and soap into a spray flask and made the wallpaper wet. Then i waited half an hour and scratched it off…

Don’t forget to cover the floor. :-)

Answer #8

thx and it shud b fun, its in the kitchen :-/

Answer #9

the easiest way is with a wallpaper steamer and considering their so cheap theres no excuse to not have 1 and even if you dont i bet 1 of your mates will.

Answer #10

A product called DIFF at your local hardware store.

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